The Importance of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

Talking to your baby while in the womb helps form a solid bond. It will accompany your baby for their whole lives.
The Importance of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

Last update: 06 December, 2018

Many women may think that talking to your baby during pregnancy isn’t that important, mainly because the fetus might not hear anything. However, the truth is that it’s incredibly beneficial and important for babies to start hearing their family’s voices while in the womb.

By talking to your baby during pregnancy, you help his neuronal and emotional development. In addition, it’s an important way to make new bonds with him. This activity can be very exciting because babies can often react to certain voices by moving.

Hearing is the first sense to develop in babies. At the 24th week, babies can hear. The mother’s voice moves in vibrations that go through her bones. Then, the baby can feel them while he’s in the womb.

The importance of talking to your baby during pregnancy

It’s important for babies to hear their mother’s voice because it will awaken their desire to listen. They’ll also start to move or play with their body, turn, and bend their knees. In addition, they can kick or jump to the rhythm of their mother’s voice.

The sound of their mother’s voice can eliminate babies’ stress and anxiety. This is especially true in the last stages of pregnancy.

As of the 36th week of pregnancy, babies can differentiate between their mother’s voice and other sounds. They’re also more sensitive to loud noises. For example, a door slamming, music, and sounds outside the uterus.

The father’s voice doesn’t have such a high frequency because it’s an external stimulus. However, it’s still important for babies to hear their father’s voice.

Babies in the womb are usually more active and receptive to stimulation during the night. Speaking to them at night will help babies feel more comfortable and loved. Listening to their parents’ voices one after the other will help babies distinguish them.

The Importance of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

What to say to your baby during pregnancy

While mothers talk to their babies, it’s important to caress their bellies to give a feeling of warmth. Many women don’t know what to say at first.

To start, you could talk about what you did that day or what you bought. In addition, you could tell your baby the color of his room or how you feel while pregnant.

You can also sing songs or tell stories, giving emphasis to onomatopoeia. Also, it’s a good idea to share this activity with the father. That way, the fetus can feel the emotional connection between Mom and Dad.

On the other hand, listening to music is also a good option. In that case, you need to choose appropriate melodies for your baby. We recommend starting this after the fifth month when babies’ ears are well developed.

“The mother’s voice moves in vibrations that go through her bones. Then, the baby can feel them while he’s in the womb.”

Advantages of talking to your baby during pregnancy


Dialogue strengthens the relationship between parents and their baby during pregnancy. This causes babies to respond to everything outside the womb, both good and bad.

Sense of well-being

Talking with your baby during pregnancy helps keep the baby calm. In addition, once in the world, parents’ voices can easily reassure the baby when he can’t sleep. Just by listening to the sounds of their voices will calm him down.

Develop skills

Talking to babies before they’re born will stimulate their language skills. In addition, it’ll encourage hearing development at an early age. This helps prevent language or processing disorders.

The Importance of Talking to Your Baby During Pregnancy

Babies love it!

Babies love hearing their mother’s voice. It boosts their emotional and neuronal development. In addition, it makes them kick, jump, and move in the womb.

Talking to your baby during pregnancy is the start of a great connection between you and your child. Feeling him move inside your belly when he hears your voice is one of he best experiences you could have.

Speak lovingly to your baby to help ensure his or her proper development. Many skills start to form while your baby is still in your belly!

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