5 Wonderful Moments of Pregnancy

5 Wonderful Moments of Pregnancy

Last update: 02 June, 2018

There are many wonderful moments of pregnancy that will remain engrained in your mind forever. 

As the years go by, these moments will be like those scenes from your favorite movies that you always remember in such detail.

Gestation is a sensitive period that requires dedication, patience and effort. But it’s also a time in which you may experience many discomforts.

However, none of the discomforts that you are faced with can overtake the joy of giving birth.

5 wonderful moments of pregnancy

Receiving the news that you’re pregnant

By far, the news that you’re expecting a child is one of the most shocking and wonderful pieces of news you’ll ever receive in your life.

It’s a moment of uncertainty, reaffirmation and conflicting emotions that will leave you speechless, especially if your desire to be a mother was fervent. If, for years, you have been waiting for this news.

When you see your baby on an ultrasound

When you see your baby for the first time in the image of an ultrasound, the intense emotion that overcomes you will make you cry.

After all, that is the first “photo” in which you can see the baby and which assures you that you really do have a creature growing inside you.

Pregnancy tests or symptoms are worth nothing; with an ultrasound, you get the most honest and direct sign that finally, within you, is the miracle of life.

5 Wonderful Moments of Pregnancy

The first photo of your baby will be quite blurry. The image quality is poor, but its emotional value is enormous.

The moment you find out the sex of the baby

The moment the ultrasound technician tells you your baby‘s sex, if you were given the opportunity to jump on the stretcher, you would surely do it. The affirmation that your baby is the sex you were hoping for will have a strong emotional impact on you.

You’ll also be able to fulfill your dream of giving your baby a name and picture the face of the human being you’re carrying inside you.

From that moment forward, you’ll begin to think about who the baby will look like, what features will be similar to yours, and which ones will be taken from the father.

The first “electric shock” in your belly

Another wonderful moment of pregnancy is when you feel your baby for the first time.

That “burst” or “shock” that makes your belly move at some point between weeks 16 and 20 (though it can also be later), and that causes you a brief fright, while still of “low frequency,” is the first signal that your child will emit.

From that moment on, it will be a channel of communication that he or she uses often. 

When the baby responds to your stimulation

As the months of pregnancy pass, you’ll love trying to get your baby’s attention. That’s why you’ll frequently give your belly “a touch,” hoping the baby will respond.

With this hope, you’ll use all the tools available to you: your voice, your singing, caressing your belly, soft taps, kisses… and even if your stimuli are always different, your child’s responses will manifest in little kicks, elbows and headbutts: the sweetest you’ll ever receive.

These movements, sometimes rough, sometimes mild, reassure you that the baby is there and these will be some of the wonderful moments of pregnancy that you’ll never forget.

5 Wonderful Moments of Pregnancy

Other wonderful moments of pregnancy and birth

While the entire duration of a pregnancy is an intense experience, there are, in addition to those already mentioned, other significant and special moments an expectant mother will experience.

Among them are the following moments, which you’re sure to never forget:

  • Contractions 
  • The day your obstetrician announces the date of your C-section
  • The epidural anesthesia
  • The moment of birth, and all of the pain and emotion that comes with it
  • When they take your baby out of your womb and you see how they hold him
  • Your baby’s first cry
  • When they hold her close to you so you can see and kiss her

The birth of a child is the culmination of a period of your life that will always have its charm. The opportunity to give life to another human being leaves no mother unaffected.

If you’ve just found out that you’re pregnant, don’t miss the opportunity to embrace and store all those wonderful moments of pregnancy.

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