Is It Hard to Find Work While Pregnant?

Unfortunately, finding work while pregnant isn't always easy for women. We'll take a look at this topic in today's article, so keep reading.
Is It Hard to Find Work While Pregnant?

Last update: 08 February, 2019

Women are becoming more and more financially independent, and the job market is changing worldwide. However, there are still inequalities and finding work while pregnant can be very complicated.

Over the last 25 years, women have made significant strides in joining the workforce. They’ve broken many barriers and taken on jobs that were previously exclusive to men. However, finding work while pregnant is still an issue.

Even though there is now more equality with regard to opportunities, the possibilities for pregnant women remain limited. This is mainly due to the fact that hiring a pregnant woman implies a series of consequences, both for the future mother and for the business. 

When we say consequences for the future mother, we’re talking about her health and her baby’s health. She needs to keep harmony within her body and her surroundings, which some people interpret as having a daily life that is as calm as possible.

The tight connection between the central nervous, endocrine, and immune systems means that any change in the mother can affect the baby’s development. 

Why is it hard to find work while pregnant?

Finding work while pregnant is more difficult because in some cases, pregnancy can reduce productivity, and as a result, profitability for the company.

Depending on a future mother’s profession, the work may also involve health risks. This can lead to many legal-related issues for the employer.

On the other hand, there are consequences that the company may worry about when employing a pregnant woman: among them, granting days off for doctor visits and care related to her status.  

Despite the obstacles facing pregnant women, they have a full right to work for advancement, personal growth, and independence. The compensation is both emotional and economic.

Is It Hard to Find Work While Pregnant?

Protected rights for pregnant women at work

It’s well known that finding work while pregnant is very difficult, for the reasons mentioned above. However, if you’re already employed and you become pregnant, you should know what your rights are. 

Depending on what country you live in, these can vary. Basically, the majority are based on the following principles:

Switching the future mother to an activity in accordance with her status and training

Work conditions should conform to the woman’s professional level, never moving her to a lower position.

Grant maternity leave

This is one of the most basic rights of pregnant women. It consists of approximately 16 continuous weeks. Once the child is born, the woman should receive at least six weeks for recovery.

Firing a woman for being pregnant is prohibited

Once a supervisor is aware that a worker is pregnant, this cannot be the reason for firing her, under any circumstance. 

“Despite the obstacles facing pregnant women, they have a full right to work for advancement, personal growth, and independence. The compensation is both emotional and economic. “

Special treatment for high-risk pregnancies

The future mother can request special considerations if her pregnancy is high-risk. To do so, she must verify that condition with a doctor’s report.

In some cases, a woman has a right to social benefits; this should be equivalent to 100% of her salary.

Permission to go to pre-natal care appointments

The obstetrician has the authority to see the mother-to-be as often as is considered necessary. Therefore, the supervisor must give her permission to attend these check-ups without reducing her pay. 

Is It Hard to Find Work While Pregnant?

For all the reasons listed above, as well as others that depend on the law in your country, finding work while pregnant can be a little complicated. Most businesses aren’t likely to hire a pregnant woman because of all the implications it has for their performance.

In any job, your mental and physical state is compromised, because of the effort and exhaustion involved. Likewise, pregnant women’s applications aren’t always attractive for open positions.

An excellent option, these days,  is to work from homeThere are many online platforms that hire professionals to do work remotely.

Because you’re at home you can manage your time better and continue developing yourself professionally until your body and baby are ready to face a new job together.



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