5 Recipes for a Picnic with the Kids

Are you going on a picnic with the kids and don't know what to prepare for lunch? We'll share some simple and nutritious recipes to ensure a good supply of energy.
5 Recipes for a Picnic with the Kids

Last update: 07 September, 2021

Going on a picnic with the kids can be quite an adventure. However, it’s important to plan the food correctly if you want everything to go according to plan. For this reason, we’ll show you a series of simple and nutritious recipes for picnics with children.

Although the preparations are simple, you must make sure that they’re complete. In other words, that they provide an adequate supply of nutrients. The best thing to do is to prepare dishes that can be kept at room temperature or in minimally cold conditions, such as in a cooler bag. This way, you’ll avoid food poisoning.

Do you already have a pencil and paper to write down these recipes? Then let’s get to work!

1. Chicken and lamb’s lettuce wrap

Wraps are one of the best options to eat at a picnic, not only for their convenience but also for their simple preparation. All you have to do is sauté a chicken breast with some assorted vegetables (peppers, onion, and zucchini, for example) and place everything inside a fajita. For a crunchy touch, you can top it with lamb’s lettuce or sprouts.

This recipe provides proteins of high biological value, which are necessary to ensure good muscle health. This is evidenced by research published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism. Remember that, in the case of growing children, the basal needs of these nutrients are increased.

2. Fun canapés

A egg sandwich with tomato wedges and an egg slice forming the shape of a flower.

To prepare these canapés, you need to toast a slice of sliced bread. Then, place a slice of cheese right on top and draw something fun with vegetables. These can be peppers, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, or whatever you choose. To finish, you can add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to give it more flavor.

3. Potato omelette

Potato omelettes are a classic within Spanish gastronomy and can be eaten cold without losing their organoleptic characteristics. However, to eat them on a picnic, you need to cook them well on the inside, without leaving any traces of raw egg. Otherwise, the risk of food poisoning increases.

Preparing a potato omelette is simple. Peel a couple of potatoes and cut them into small but irregular pieces. Then, fry them in oil and beat 3 or 4 eggs in a bowl. When the potatoes are ready but not yet browned, you must remove them from the heat and put them in the bowl. There, mix them with the eggs and add salt.

Finally, put everything back into the frying pan without oil and cook for 3 or 4 minutes on each side. If you like, you can add onion cut in small cubes to the preparation.

4. Country salad

A country salad is characterized by containing a variety of vegetables and a source of high-quality proteins. To prepare it, cook 3 medium-sized potatoes and 3 eggs. Once both are ready and cold, they’re cut into small pieces and poured into a bowl.

To the same bowl, add 3 tomatoes, one red and two green peppers, an onion, and a couple of cans of tuna, all cut into small pieces. Season with salt, olive oil, and vinegar to taste and keep cold. A few minutes before leaving, put it in a cooler bag and it’s ready to enjoy!

5. Sandwich with healthy ingredients

Sandwiches cut into triangle-shaped quarters.

A sandwich doesn’t have to be synonymous with fast food. You can choose quality bread and put fresh foods on it. For example, a good alternative suitable for picnics is thick sourdough bread.

Inside, you can put a grilled chicken breast, sliced tomatoes, onion rings, and some lettuce. You can also add some cheese slices on top of the warm meat and let it melt.

This way, you’ll end up with a dish with a high nutritional density. In addition to the chicken protein, this snack has a significant amount of fiber, a key substance when it comes to preventing constipation.

Prepare healthy dishes for a picnic with the kids

As you’ve seen, going on a picnic with the kids doesn’t mean you have to eat poorly. It’s possible to prepare a healthy yet simple menu that’s easily transportable and keeps well in a cooler bag or at room temperature.

This way, you and your family can discover new places without losing sight of an optimal supply of nutrients.

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