The Best Cooking Apps for Kids

Recipes, ingredients, utensils, menus? These cooking apps for kids will help introduce your little ones to the great world of gastronomy.
The Best Cooking Apps for Kids

Last update: 07 September, 2021

In recent years, gastronomy has become the focus of many TV shows, YouTube channels, and apps. And the interest in learning more about the subject has reached even the youngest of children. If your little ones are already asking you to teach them how to cook, you can start doing it with these great cooking apps for kids, an educational and fun resource for children to start discovering this fantastic world at home.

Cooking apps for kids to learn while playing

A mother preparing school lunches with her son and daughter.

Kids Cooking

This is a game for children over 8 years old and is ideal for learning to cook simple recipes. It includes easy procedures for making various dishes, including burgers, fries, doughnuts, soup, and your own birthday cake!

The app is available for Android mobiles from the Play Store.

Toca Kitchen 2, one of the best cooking apps for kids

Developed by Toca Boca, this app is part of a series that includes many educational themes for children related to everyday life (pets, neighborhood, school, etc.).

The app’s ideal for children from 6 to 8 years old, and with it, they can be very creative in the kitchen. That’s because it includes the possibility of inventing recipes. In addition, kids will even be able to see the reactions of the apps’ characters when tasting your dishes: Disgusted faces, belching, and much more will make your little ones laugh out loud.

Available on the Play Store for Android mobiles and on the AppStore for iOS devices.

Sago Mini Pet Café

With screens full of colors, numbers, and shapes to play with, fun and learning are guaranteed in this cafe. The app includes 3 educational activities:

  • Creating fruit smoothies
  • Counting delicious snacks
  • Combining elements by moving the device

Perfect for the little ones up to 5 years old, this entertaining game’s available in the stores for Android and iOS mobile applications.

Bamba Burger

Designed for children from 2 to 8 years old, the app has simple interfaces. Also, it allows kids to play alone or along with their families.

Of course, hamburgers–one of children’s favorite foods–are the main characters! The game consists of taking orders, creating their favorite burgers, making fries, and serving delicious drinks, just like in a fast food restaurant.

You can download this fun game to your Android or iOS mobile.

Tasty World

This is an app to learn gastronomy that’s designed for children over 12 years old. With it, kids learn to create their own restaurant, cook their recipes, and become extraordinary chefs.

The games are based on the story of Roger, who wants to revive his old restaurant. He remodels the premises, sets up the new kitchen, and chooses whether to serve burgers, pizzas, or fine and elegant dishes. Create a gastronomic business from scratch and add your best recipes.

This app’s ready to download from the Play Store so your kids can start cooking now.

Grandma’s Kitchen

Download this entertaining app that combines cooking topics with a bit of math and language. Children from 4 to 7 years old will be delighted with the dancing grandma, who will be guiding them to decorate a cake, know how many cookies are needed, or find the difference between desserts. In addition, the app has a variety of educational content: Learning to read time and colors, learning new words related to cooking, and recognizing healthy foods.

Available for iOS mobiles from the Apple App Store.

Kitchen Scramble: Cooking Game

A collaborative game in which the whole family can participate to serve diners, create delicious recipes, and earn tips. The food truck travels through different locations as you level up. And, at each stop, you’ll have new customers for whom you’ll have to prepare dishes such as chicken, hamburgers, shrimp, pizzas, hot dogs, and of course, delicious desserts.

Download for Android or iOS mobiles from the Apple App Store.

A family playing with vegetables.

Best children’s cooking apps: Cooking without getting messy

Cooking apps for kids allow  little ones to learn about food-related topics, utensils, and recipes as they play. And, at the same time, they can even see how to take a customer’s order or run a business.

The age of the child will determine which application you’re going to choose, but we assure you that all of the apps in this list of  cooking apps for kids are safe for children and have lots of games and educational content. But the most important thing is that you’ll be able to teach them to cook without dirtying the kitchen (for now).

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