How to Raise Self-Sufficient Children

It's important to instill the principles of strength and leadership in our children from a very young age. This helps them have a healthy self-esteem and confidence to resolve situations on their own.
How to Raise Self-Sufficient Children

Last update: 23 November, 2018

From a very young age, children can learn to face diverse situations. It’s great when kids are willing to take on and overcome obstacles, and also stick to their convictions. Knowing how to raise self-sufficient children is key to shaping the successful men and women of the future. 

Having children who know how to identify when they can handle situations on their own is a major advantage. It’s in those instances that they build autonomy and self-confidence.

Taking on responsibility for their actions. Making their own judgements. Not being afraid to make mistakes… These are the building blocks of raising self-sufficient children.

Possessing these characteristics offers many benefits to children and those around them, especially their family. One way or another, they cultivate the tools they’ll need in the future .

At the same, they’ll have a childhood full of gratifying experiences, and the affection and unconditional support of their parents. They won’t be afraid to experience difficult or uncomfortable situations. This will undoubtedly boost their self-esteem.

The advantages of raising self-sufficient children

The main benefits of instilling this value in your children are:

  • Autonomy: Your children will have a positive self-concept and a healthy self-esteem.
  • Maturity at the correct rate.
  • No fear of making mistakes: Your children will be careful, but confident, when it comes to responding or decision making.
How to Raise Self-Sufficient Children

Possessing these qualities will help children develop correctly as they grow. Family and education are the key to it all. 

Having a strong, united nuclear family is paramount when it comes to a child’s behavior and formation. It gives children the basis they need for self-confidence and spiritual and intellectual strength.

How to educate self-sufficient children?

At home, you can implement several activities to educate and strengthen the character of self-sufficient children. 

As parents, we have an obligation to look out for our children’s best interests. Without a doubt, this includes encouraging their autonomy so they can overcome whatever comes their way.

If we want our kids to be self-sufficient, we need to start at a young age. At first, we can assign easy tasks that we know our children can handle without difficulty. As time goes by and our children grow, we can assign more challenging tasks.

Some of the responsibilities that we can leave up to our children are getting dressed, picking up their toys, etc. While this may seem insignificant, they’ll see it as an accomplishment.

At the same time, they’ll be preparing for more complex responsibilities. Your children will also start becoming aware of their own limits and value their efforts .

“To raise a child with self-esteem, you have to teach him how to lose”
—Dr. Estivill—

Good relationships create self-sufficient children

The emotional union between parents and children is fundamental. That’s why love and healthy attachment are key when it comes to giving children confidence .

Through this relationship, parents promote a secure and independent personality and meet all of their children’s needs. Thanks to the support they perceive, children find the motivation to overcome challenges and experience their environment freely.

As children grow in age and confidence, parents can allow them to make more of their own decisions. At the same time, children can carry out more and more activities on their own.

For example, bathing, tying their shoes, eating with silverware, choosing their clothes, etc. They can also have a say in outings, travel, etc. All of this helps children take more initiative and express themselves freely.

How to Raise Self-Sufficient Children

Every achievement deserves a congratulation. To raise self-sufficient children, it’s important to applaud them when they overcome challenges. Of course, it’s also important not to overdo it.

When your kids fail or make mistakes, value their persistence and tenacity. Dialogue with them about their mistakes and praise their efforts. This will help them learn to deal with frustration through self-control and tolerance.

It’s important to give your children freedom so they can grow in self-confidence. Of course, you still need to play an active role in their lives.

We need to be present in every area of our children’s lives, acting as guides and providing support.  Overprotecting children isn’t a bad thing. However, it can damage their self-esteem and sense of security.

Allow your little ones to learn to handle themselves in their surroundings. Let them experience and face the challenges that come their way. You’ll be surprised at their ability to find solutions, using reason, based on the trust they have in themselves.

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