The 7 Best Techniques for Calming a Crying Baby

The 7 Best Techniques for Calming a Crying Baby

Last update: 18 March, 2018

Calming a crying baby is sometimes a very difficult task. When our babies start to cry and nothing seems to calm them down, we can really begin to worry.

While there are parents who recommend some of the best techniques, it’s important to apply them correctly if you want them to help your baby stop crying.

If your baby is crying, then something is definitely bothering him. Understanding your baby’s signals is no easy task.

It’s often hard to tell if they’re hungry, tired, bored, want to play, are in pain… There are so many possibilities.

That’s why today on You Are Mom, we want to share some tried and tested tips for calming down your little one.

The 7 best techniques for calming a crying baby

Rock-a-bye baby

Babies love to be in their mother’s arms – it’s part of their nature. It’s important to rock your baby gently, snuggle him, and whisper sweet words in his ear while he slowly calms down.

This contact between mother and baby will remind your child of the comfort he felt inside your womb.

Go for a walk or ride

Many parents recommend going for a walk to help your baby calm down. One great idea is to put your baby in her stroller and take her around the neighborhood or even just around the house.

This movement will help settle your baby’s nerves. Some parents get better results by taking their babies out for a ride in the car. This provides for a great distraction.

Spa treatment: Give your baby a massage

The 7 Best Techniques for Calming a Crying Baby

One of the best ways to calm a crying baby is through massage. If your baby is crying inconsolably, then start to massage him delicately on his stomach and back.

The reason behind your baby‘s tears may be pain produced by gases. If that’s the case, then a gentle massage on his belly might just do the trick.

It’s helpful to get your baby used to massages by making them part of his routine. For example, massaging your baby just before or after bathtime can help your baby get accustomed to receiving massages.

Let someone else give it a try

Maybe you’ve been rocking your baby back and forth to no avail. You’ve snuggled her, cradled her, but nothing seems to work. If this happens, then maybe it’s time to let someone else take over.

Our little ones can sense when we’re tense. So, let someone else hold your baby for a while. That way, both you and your baby will find some peace and quiet.

The washing machine technique

A very common technique used by many parents is the washing machine. When nothing seems to settle your baby down, and his tears seem endless, just pick him up and lay him in his bouncy seat in the laundry room.

Many parents swear that the swishing and purring of the washing machine are great for calming down anxious babies.

Let your baby go naked

Your baby’s clothing might be to blame, or your baby might be colicky. If you think your baby’s clothing might be the reason behind her mood, then take off her clothing and diaper and let her be free.

She might feel much more comfortable this way, and her crying will disappear.

Comfort food

The 7 Best Techniques for Calming a Crying Baby

One of the main reasons that babies cry uncontrollably is because they’re trying to tell us they’re hungry. Furthermore, when you feed your baby, he feels the warmth of your body and the beating of your heart.

Your baby enjoys the comfort of your arms and the rhythm of your movements. And of course, filling his stomach with your milk or with his formula will make him feel much better, too.

If none of the previous tips work, you can also give your little one some skin-to-skin contact with your own body.

Cradle him in your arms or place him in an ergonomic baby carrier that’s appropriate for your baby’s age and development. This will remind your baby of the months he spent in your womb.

You can also wrap your child in a blanket or towel to simulate the in utero experience.

Something you should never do is give your child any sort of tranquilizer or infusion, as these may be harmful to them. Also, don’t allow yourself to become too overwhelmed.

If you can’t calm yourself down, you won’t be able to calm your baby either. Don’t scold your baby either, as this will only give him more reason to cry.

Finally, never ignore your little one. If you ignore your baby’s tears, this will only make the crying worse. In fact, studies show that leaving your baby to “cry it out” can actually cause long-term damage.

Keep these excellent techniques in mind when your baby is crying, and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. Remember, your baby wants to communicate with you, and crying is one of the most effective ways.

Of course, if you’re still unable to calm your baby down after trying these techniques, or you sense your baby might be in pain, don’t hesitate to call your child’s pediatrician or seek medical attention.


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