The Most Popular Sports Among Teenagers

Let's find out which are the most popular sports among teenagers nowadays and their physical and social benefits.
The Most Popular Sports Among Teenagers

Last update: 28 January, 2022

Hundreds of young people dedicate a large part of their time to physical activities. The options are diverse but, undoubtedly, there are some disciplines that have become the most popular sports among adolescents.

The benefits of practicing sports in adolescence are multiple. It improves school performance and promotes discipline and responsibility. And, in addition, it keeps young people away from the typical problems of this vital stage, such as addictions or bad friendships. A study by the University of Cantabria demonstrated many of the above benefits, especially improved school performance.

Every young person is a bundle of curiosity and desire to learn. They want to demonstrate the skills and abilities they have and they have many sporting possibilities to choose from. Find out which are the popular sports among teenagers.

  • Basketball: Basketball is a very popular sport among young people. It allows them to integrate socially, as it’s a team sport. At the same time, it boosts skills such as balance, concentration, speed of execution, muscular agility, and precise reflexes.
  • Soccer: This is one of the most popular, fun, and played sports worldwide. It brings benefits to young people in both their physical and emotional health while boosting their spirit of self-improvement and increasing their self-esteem. Soccer reinforces teamwork and problem-solving skills, as well as greatly encourages discipline.
Girls playing soccer.
  • Volleyball: When playing this sport, movement on the court and constant attention to the ball so that it doesn’t touch the ground improve coordination. Likewise, reflexes are sharpened by the need for quick response. Practicing volleyball increases flexibility and also motivates integration and cooperation through teamwork.
  • Tennis: The constant movement that this sport involves gives young people agility and flexibility while improving their aerobic and cardiovascular capacity. The discipline necessary to develop the correct use of the racquet and its interaction with the ball increases hand-eye coordination.
  • Gymnastics: Gymnastics reduces the feeling of tiredness, as it produces high levels of energy. Its constant practice provides greater flexibility and coordination, as the more movement is given to the body, the more elasticity it will have, until reaching an optimal stretching and elongation limit.
  • Track and field: This discipline combines running, jumping, and throwing. It’s a comprehensive activity, which provides the young person with multiple physical skills. It’s best to start practicing it after the age of 10, which is why it’s one of the most popular sports among adolescents.
  • Swimming: Swimming strengthens the whole body by working the legs, arms, torso, and hips. In addition, with this sport, aerobic exercise is constantly performed, which is very beneficial for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This discipline is very positive and doesn’t have a strong impact on the joints. It also produces a balance between individualism and teamwork.
Two girls swimming at one another during swim class.
  • Cycling: This is a very fun sport that stimulates coordination and balance and can be done indoors or outdoors. The latter option allows young people to have fun with their environment while developing their motor skills by means of a bicycle according to the chosen cycling modality.
  • Tae Kwon Do: Tae Kwon Do is one of today’s favorite martial arts, as it allows the development of multiple motor and mental skills. With its practice, the young person tones arms and legs; this gives greater strength throughout the body while also strengthening self-control and discipline.
  • Riding: This is a sport that has 3 very different Olympic branches in which both the rider’s and the horse’s skills are evaluated. Being the only sport practiced with another living being, it strengthens feelings such as respect for nature in children. In addition, it develops balance, posture, and motor coordination.
  • Snowboarding: This is a mountain sport that consists of gliding over the snow on a special board, so it’s perfect for cold climates. Snowboarding will develop coordination, agility, flexibility, and balance in those who practice it. In addition, it’s considered a high-risk sport, so it’s one of the most popular sports among teenagers.

A personal choice

Besides those mentioned, there are many other activities that are beginning to gain their place among teenagers. Among them, we can mention parkour, BMX, and breakdancing. The latter recently made its debut as an Olympic sport at the Youth Olympic Games, as did rock climbing.

Popular or not, the important thing is that kids find a sport that fills them with satisfaction and complements their daily routine. The discipline involved in sports practice will contribute to the formation of their character, in addition to helping their physical development and fostering new and better social relationships.

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