5 Things a Teenager Needs to Know

Here are 5 things a teenager needs to know that you should talk to them about. Don't think you can overlook sensitive topics.
5 Things a Teenager Needs to Know

Last update: 02 August, 2022

Do you know if your teenager has all the right information to lead a healthy life? Here are 5 things a teenager needs to know and that you should talk to them about. A common misconception is that sensitive topics don’t need to be discussed. Some parents fear that these talks will affect their emotional growth or accelerate their maturity. We recommend that you have the confidence to talk about these issues and clear up any doubts.

Remember that the best advice always comes from a parent. Make sure you understand the situation and give accurate and real information. If you have questions, go to a psychologist or appropriate specialist. What’s important is that your child knows and feels that you’ll be there for them no matter  what.

Here are some things to talk about with your teenager so that they can learn to cope better with life’s problems. Remember that for your teenager, you’ll always be the best role model, even if they try to prove otherwise every day.

1. Knowing how to face problems

Choosing which path to follow and what decisions to take  is difficult at any stage. During youth, making decisions involves great torments that generate doubts and conflicts. This is because teenagers are living a transition between adolescence and adulthood.

Many times, in order to feel accepted in a group, no matter how much you keep an eye on them, they adopt certain behaviors without being aware of the negativity of these attitudes. Therefore, a teenager needs to know that they need to be prepared for the possible consequences of their actions. As a parent, you need to prepare your children to take on these personal and social responsibilities.

2. Your teen is unique

Another thing a teenager needs to know is that each person is unique. There’s not one human being that’s just like another in the world. So, if we’re unique and different from each other, there’s no reason why there should be any comparison between them and someone else. There’s no need to compare your teenager’s achievements with the neighbor’s child, their sibling, or anyone else you know.

It’s natural for parents to measure their children’s accomplishments and competencies against others, but a teenager needs to know that you don’t want them to be any different. They feel pressured, confused, and lose self-confidence if they’re constantly being evaluated. They have their own personality and it’s best to encourage their current accomplishments.

3. A teenager needs to know how to manage their finances

As this is the age where your child wants freedom and autonomy, they  should begin to understand the basics of money management and its importance to their financial future economic independence . Therefore, another thing a teenager needs to know is to find the joy of working and saving.

Explain to them that achieving economic fulfillment today is important in this new world. Your teenager should be aware of the sacrifices you make to maintain the household, how utilities are paid for, etc. And why not let them take on some of their own personal expenses? In other words, let them make their own financial decisions. Remember, it’s okay for them to make mistakes so they can learn more about money.

4. Their sexual initiation

A teen looking at a pregnancy test.

Physical changes begin to occur at this age and it’s essential that young people know the function of each organ that exists in their bodies. There are adolescents who begin their sexual life in a hasty manner due to a lack of information and guidance.

No teenager or parent should feel worried or offended to start talking openly about sex, on the contrary, this is the only way to prevent unwanted pregnancies, sexual diseases, and other problems.

5. The need to be in a group

No one wants to be in a place where they don’t have friends . Being in a group is a basic human need . That’s why an adolescent needs to know that they should be part of a group, as they’re in a stage of life where they need to be accepted and their behavior should be supported by others.

The important thing in this regard is that your child defines what kind of group they want to belong to and what path they’re going to follow . This is where the fruits of parenting and parental attention will be seen. It’s inevitable that your child will want to make friendships that stimulate them and include them in their activities.

Teen friends taking a selfie.

Nowadays, teenagers have much more freedom than in previous years, something that surely worries you. The important thing is that they maintain respect by reflecting on each other’s abilities. They must learn to behave in accordance with family values and be aware of the responsibilities that come with everything they do.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.