13 Keys to Connecting with a Teenager

Adolescence is a complicated stage during which teens define their personality. Therefore, difficulties arise in their relationship with their parents. In this article, discover 13 keys to connecting with a teenager.
13 Keys to Connecting with a Teenager

Last update: 07 May, 2020

Adolescence is a complicated stage that affects family relationships. However, there are keys to connecting with a teenager that can help you avoid becoming irritated with your teens and their behaviors.

We all know that both children and teens are influenced by their parents and siblings. The way in which you face the adversities of life and the quality of the relationships you build are the best inheritances you can leave your children.

The best way to handle your teen is with love and communication. This is the key, as it allows you to connect with, support, and guide them whenever they need you. Here are some tips to help you improve your relationship with your teen.

13 keys to connecting with a teenager

Allow your teen to communicate

With sincerity, respect, and understanding, show them that you’ll always be there whenever they need you and that you’re never too busy for them. If they see that you’re always available to listen to them, they’ll be willing to communicate with you.

Learn to listen

If you show your interest by listening to your teen, they’ll fill those moments of silence during conversations with their fears, feelings, and wishes, among other things. Thus, it’s best to refrain from ending conversations with unsolicited lectures or advice.

13 Keys to Connecting with a Teenager

Teach your teen to love

The way in which you express and show your love, attention, and affection towards your family will teach your teen to love freely and generously. Thus, they’ll be able to build satisfactory relationships.

Let your teen express themselves

Instead of questioning them, let them tell you what they need. Then, you can ask them some questions, such as “What do you think?”, “How do you plan to solve this problem?”, or “What’s worrying you?” These questions will lead to conversations that can be very productive for both of you.

Gain your teen’s trust

One of the keys to connecting with a teenager is trust. In this sense, you have to show your teen that they can trust you and that you won’t embarrass them or become hysterical if they tell you nothing but the truth. The more they trust you, the more advice you’ll be able to give them regarding life’s difficulties and help them whenever they need it.

Put yourself in your teen’s shoes

Another one of the keys to connecting with a teenager is seeing the world through their eyes, not yours. In fact, insisting on controlling their actions and demanding that they behave in another way will only further distance them from you.

Accept their friends

Even if you don’t like your teen’s friends, you must accept and even meet them if you can. Accepting their friends or partner is the best way to strengthen your bond with them. You can give them advice but never speak badly of their friends. In this regard, your teen is the one who should realize on their own if their friendships are in their best interest.

More keys to connecting with a teenager

Value their feelings

Even if you don’t approve of their romantic relationships, you shouldn’t criticize them without taking the emotional impact that your words may have on them into account because they may be more emotionally involved than you think.

Be understanding to connect with your teenager

When a problem, sadness, or disappointment arises, the best thing you can do is give them a hug or a kiss or simply say “I’m sorry.” Also, show them your unconditional support and definitely avoid saying “I told you so.” What they need is to feel protected and informed.

13 Keys to Connecting with a Teenager

Consider your teen and keep them in mind

Ignoring your teen produces the same effect as criticism. If you don’t pay attention to your teen, they may think that nobody cares about them or may feel rejected. And that’s when they’ll resort to negative means to get attention.

Remember that teens are very vulnerable

Even though they act “cool” or aggressive, you must know that they’re still very vulnerable. Many of the things they do are to protect themselves. They need your love and recognition, no matter what.

Motivate them to persist

When teens believe they’re destined for failure, they lose their self-confidence or stop trying. Thus, your mission is to encourage them to persist and take another path that may be more suited to their abilities.

Help them recover

Teenagers often feel sad and desperate. Therefore, you need to encourage them to overcome that state of mind and show them how they can overcome their emotional difficulties and think about how they can solve them.

These are some of the keys that can help you connect with your teenager. Instead of getting flustered, apply these secrets, as they can help you get along better with your teen and help them get through this critical stage of life.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.