7 Things A Mother Secretly Does for Her Children

7 Things A Mother Secretly Does for Her Children

Last update: 09 May, 2018

In this article we’ll share with you a list of seven things that a mother secretly does for her children. Some of these things will surely surprise you.

A mother doesn’t hesitate to carry out certain actions to watch over and benefit her children. These transcendental gestures have incalculable value. She gives from her heart even when her children aren’t paying attention.

These gestures also bring mothers a lot of personal satisfaction . The happiness it brings them can only be compared with the gratitude they feel for being able to be mothers and having so much affection to give their children.

Being a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences that exists. That’s why mothers often do incredible things for their children without them even knowing; their steps leave behind marks of love.

For mothers, giving isn’t an obligation but rather a way of expressing the best they have to offer.

The well-being and happiness of their children is every mother’s objective.

7 things that a mother secretly does for her children

Everything a mother does for her children is a reflection of her best intentions.

The way she strives to express affection, beyond hugs, kisses and cuddles. These gestures can often go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

A mother’s heart grows bigger every day due to the actions she performed. Have you ever stopped to think about these gestures?

Surely a few of these gestures will surprise you.

  1. Making magic for her children

A mother can make magic out of anything. Why? Because she wants her children’s lives to be as beautiful as possible.

Because performing magic is one of the thousand and one ways she has to say: “Child, I love you with all of my heart.”

7 Things A Mother Secretly Does for Her Children
  1. Anticipate wishes

A mother anticipates her children’s wishes. She anticipates their needs and strives to provide all that her children need to be happy.

Simply anticipating the circumstances fills her with excitement and expectation.

Remember the birthdays that your mother prepared for you that were filled with so much love?

And that school presentation that you both prepared together with sheets of paper and other visual materials?

  1. She is always watching

Mothers watch over their children at all times. In sickness and in health.

Even on those car, bus or train rides, she is constantly looking at her children through the mirror. Watching to see if they’re sleeping peacefully while the afternoon sun shines over them.

7 Things A Mother Secretly Does for Her Children
  1. She never gives up

A mother never gives up – even if she is afraid, has made a mistake or faces many difficulties. A mother is always looking for a way to move forward for her and her children.

Sure, mothers may cry, fall and have “down” days like any other human being. But at the end of the day, mothers always know how to get up stronger than they were before.

  1. She looks for opportunities for her children

A mother is always looking for opportunities for her children. She does this not only to see them achieve success, but also to seem them live a beautiful life that is full of wonderful anecdotes.

Therefore, she’s always looking for moments to promote fun, happiness and her children’s best qualities.

      6. She prays for her children

Regardless of whether she is a spiritual woman or not, she always prays for her children.

On many occasions (not only before going to sleep) a mother prays for her children. She prays for them to be protected, secure and strong.

This causes her internal dialogue to flourish and although it’s intangible, it has powerful effects.

  1. She waits even though she doesn’t want to

It is very common that during adolescence, children don’t want to spend as much time with their mothers as they used to.

They may even reject hugs and kisses: “Mom, I am not a baby anymore!” After hearing this statement she leaves, even though she doesn’t want to.

Although she misses the childhood love she received from her children who came to her every second, she waits for the moment that her children will want to return to her.

Her love is so great that she decides to respect her children’s desires, which in turn helps them grow…

Deep down, she knows that the affection hasn’t disappeared, it has simply changed its form.

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