Things You Must Teach Your Daughter Without Fail

Things You Must Teach Your Daughter Without Fail

Last update: 17 September, 2017

The world and society are evolving and paradigms are changing. This presents challenges for mothers. There are a series of lessons that you must teach your daughters without fail. Burn these values, goals and principles into the minds of the little girls who are the women of tomorrow.

It’s impossible to be best mother in the world, but you can definitely be the best mother for your daughters. Of course you will make mistakes and learn things the hard way. As time goes on, you will know whether you’ve done well when you see your daughters are emotionally strong and independent. 

So make sure you have planted the best teachings in them, for they themselves will have the strength to reap the best fruits. In this You Are Mom article, discover everything you must teach your daughters without fail.

What You Should Teach Your Daughters About Life

Life is sometimes hard, and other times it is painful. Not everything is rosy, nor does it have a happy ending like in a Disney movie. The essential thing is, however, to learn to live life intensely. Start each day with the certainty of having a new opportunity in your hands. Enjoy each sunrise as if it were your last.

You should teach your daughter not to run away from her fears, but to stand up and fight them. Help her from an early age to make her own decisions and take responsibility for each action. Accept consequences and get excited about life. Hold onto the good it offers while also accepting the bad.

Never, ever submit and wait for someone else’s approval. Your daughter came into this world to be happy, not to consent to others. Being accepted as-is transfers immense satisfaction. Love yourself for all your virtues and defects. Don’t idealize or pursue figures or ideals that don’t serve you well.

You must teach her to be true to herself and to never deceive herself. She should show herself as she is, without the need to pretend or impose on other people’s personalities. Do not forget that your daughter must learn to treasure the credit of her personal achievements.

Give your little girl the value of her own intuition. May she always follow her instinct and be guided by her gut. She doesn’t need to depend on anyone else. Not even you. She must make her own path. If she is confused along the way, she has the ability to take another route but not to abandon the journey.

Lessons for Everyday Life

You must, without fail, teach your daughters to ask for help when they need it and to be grateful when they have their hand outstretched. They should learn to express needs and cares, but also hold onto their own beliefs and convictions with tenacity.

Motivate her with a passion that embraces her and accompanies her until her last day of life. Explain how to plan for the future with your feet grounded in the present, and to patiently sharpen her tolerance for the changes that happen continuously in life.

What you should also teach your girls is to courageously take risks, to not dare to lose anything for fear of losing everything. Your daughter should also learn to not take on the responsibilities of others, nor any absurdly unfounded blame.

Allow her to go through life wearing that beautiful and unique smile that God put on her face. Enable her to laugh in the street for no apparent reason, to shout all the truths that dominate and to share her happiness with whomever she wants.

There’s Much to Learn About Relationships

Teach your daughter to enjoy love, without limitations and free of prejudice, and to surrender to her partner’s immense strength, as long as it is mutual. Your daughter can learn to be totally aware of her feelings and to dominate them and act accordingly.

A good thing to teach is that there are sometimes disagreements, but the meeting of souls creates light. She should also learn about breakups and staying away from toxic people. She can enjoy the ephemeral nature of some relationships and the perpetuity of genuine relationships.

Teach your daughter to be her own best friend. Without self-love, there is nothing, let alone emotional intelligence. She should know herself and love herself, and do the same with her environment. She should know how to set limits, no matter how costly, and to undertake it as a challenge to sustain them over time.

But above all, mothers, there is something you must teach your daughters: from a very early age they must learn to not idealize or idolize anyone, neither family nor friends. Not even her parents. May she understand that we are all human beings, full of nuances. And so is she.

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