Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Last update: 17 December, 2017

Many women dream of becoming pregnant, however many of us are worried about the changes we see in our figure once the baby is born. That is why we must learn and implement tips to lose weight in a healthy way after pregnancy.

Bringing a baby into the world is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. However, this important event causes us some concerns especially in relation to our physical appearance. That is, the way we will look after pregnancy and what we should do to recover the figure we had previously.

Have the patience to accept your figure so you can enjoy your baby to the fullest

Patience should be an ally when creating a new lifestyle that will help you lose weight after pregnancy. This will help create balance and become accustomed to our physical appearance in the first few months and enjoy our little one.

Excellent eating habits and an exercise routine will give way to the desired results. Having good time management skills will allow you to be consistent and specify the goal that you have set.

If you do not come to terms with the change that happened in your figure: stress, post-partum depression, and anxiety could generate overwhelming mood swings and impulsivity at mealtime, resulting in the opposite of what you expected.

how to lose weight after pregnancy

Eat with caution if you are breastfeeding

It is important to remember that if we are breastfeeding we will achieve weight loss as a consequence of the energy expenditure that this generates. Thus we must use caution with what we consume, since it will also be feeding our baby.

The key to improving our physique will be to think about proper nutrition and avoid hypocaloric diets . They can generate aggressive changes in our body that could also indirectly affect our baby if we are breastfeeding.

mother breastfeeding her newborn baby

New eating habits

It is important to introduce new eating habits, which is why the following is recommended:

  • Do not overuse fats
  • Grill vegetables
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Hydrate well

The implementation of all these tips will help you progressively observe a significant change in your figure.

Recommendations of foods that will help you lose weight after pregnancy:

  • Milk, eggs and lean meats will provide necessary proteins to help you lose weight.
  • Vegetables contain antioxidants and facilitate the functioning of your body.
  • Nuts have fiber to avoid constipation
  • Grains provide energy and satiate anxiety.
  • Fruits will maintain high bodily defenses and improve your health.

Additional tips to achieve weight loss

Below you will find a set of tips that you must incorporate to achieve your goal:

Vitamin supplements

Taking vitamins provides the body with the energy necessary to develop the new role you have as a mother. In addition, minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc will act as a necessary fuel to continue exercising this important and beautiful work.

Water intake

The sudden recovery and loss of weight make skin’s elastin loose, which could cause the appearance of stretch marks. Drinking water will be important to moisturize the skin from the inside out, supporting the proper functioning of your body, avoiding cellulite and increasing your health.

Physical activity

Walking with your baby in a stroller could provide countless benefits such as maintaining and creating a bond, breathing fresh air, exposure to a few of the sun’s rays and adapting to the new life you both are beginning.

Dedicating at least one hour of daily exercise will be healthy for your progress. Exercises such as yoga, Pilates, Kegel for strengthening the pelvic floor, dancing and aerobics are all exercises that we can intensify over time to finally get in shape.

Don’t stress

The body must rest from labor so that this does not generate trauma or complications. Waiting a reasonable time before losing weight will be vital to achieving success in our physical change.

Once we are ready to improve how we look, we must take into account at a caloric level what should be avoided. Otherwise, the body could suffer a decomposition at a time when we should not only take care of ourselves but also of our infant.

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