My Top Priorities After Being A Mom

My Top Priorities After Being A Mom
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

My top priority after being a mom was and is my son. His health, his happiness and his well-being… There is nothing more in the world that drives me and pushes me to keep fighting for my little one.

Being a mom keeps me going even when twists of fate more often than not prevent me from moving forward and test my strength, both physical and emotional. There is no pillar I won’t hold up, and no weapon I can’t wield when it comes to pulling myself together, fighting, and moving forward.

My life’s mission focuses on carving out a path for my child to safely travel, to provide him with the best that I can give and teach him to have integrity.

My strategy is to offer him my love, protect him and help him whenever he needs me.

Ever since I became a mom I haven’t been able to have other priorities.

My Two Most Important Objectives

baby sleeping

I have already mentioned my first  objective after being a mom: my son and everything having to do with his emotional and physical well-being.

The second objective: me, not me as an independent and selfish person, but me as a mother and the need to change my flaws. I work to keep my child from copying them or experiencing them himself while we are together.

My rule number two consists of growing intellectually and gaining knowledge so I can help him in the future and answer his most pressing questions.

I measure my personal and emotional improvement by this standard as well.

I want to be a woman who knows how to act with humility and selflessness, without the apathy and competitiveness that is so common in the business world and fight for success.

I must learn not to look over my shoulder at others, and that not only those who surpass me should be considered my equals.

I have to make my actions more human: listening to the people I talk with, not wanting to impose my opinions, presenting disagreements with respect, not always thinking about discrediting those around me in order to stand out in the crowd.

I want to learn not to lie, hold grudges and forgive. I have to get rid of negative thoughts and this negative mentality that always prompts me to think badly of others, sleep with one eye open, and expect betrayal, even from someone sitting right at my dinner table.

This is why I have to start to prepare myself now. I am going to need many years to become a better person, the mother that my child deserves.

My Third Objective After Being A Mom

Mom holding son

After being a mom, everything became more complicated. If before giving birth I thought I was prepared to handle the pain and push enough to bring him into this world, after his birth, I realized that those few hours of contractions and pain were the least of it.

Dedication, effort, and consistency are the principles that truly drive a mother’s path, and they only present themselves after the child has been born.

With that said, after I became a mom, along with the sacrifices, I found what ended up being  love at first sight and the total surrender o f myself  to someone who hardly knew who I was.

This is why my third and final rule is to make sure that this little one who I breastfeed, snuggle, bathe, pamper, and take care of, knows that I am Mom. In me, unlike anyone else on the planet, he will find an outstretched hand, a shoulder to cry on, a compliment to lift his spirits, forgiveness, encouragement to move forward, and anything he needs no matter the place or time.

No one in the world can make me change my mind or stray from the path I have in front of me because to my three main objectives I dedicate commitment, heart and courage.

My first, second and third rule is to fight, tooth and nail, through thick and thin, for the relationship that began between me and my son the day I gave birth.

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