Tricks To Remove Stains From Your Child's Clothes

Tricks To Remove Stains From Your Child's Clothes

Last update: 17 October, 2017

Children’s clothes get very dirty often. To prevent a headache when it comes time to remove stains, here are some simple and effective tricks to keep in mind.

Tricks to get rid of grease stains

Grease stains don’t come out easily with soap or detergent. You can scrub the clothes over and over again and the stain still appears as soon as the clothes dry.

Trick 1

If you want to remove grease stains from your child’s clothes we recommend spreading a bit of baby powder on the stained area before washing.

After this, let the baby powder absorb the grease on its own. After a few minutes you might have to spread a little more powder. Let the garment rest for a couple of hours. Then with soap and water scrub the stained area. Let it dry in the sun. When it is all dry you will notice that the stain has disappeared

To speed up and make the process more effective, after spreading the baby powder, go over the stain with a hot iron. Add some more powder and iron again. After this step you can proceed to wash them like we indicated above.

Trick 2

Another homemade technique to remove grease stains is to apply a bit of salt on the stain. Let the article rest for a couple of hours. Then you should wash it with dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly scrub the stained area.

Let it dry in the sun. When it does, check if the stain is gone. If not, try repeating the process.

Trick 3

Lastly, we recommend that you apply lemon and baking soda on the stain. Let the mixture rest for a few seconds. Then proceed to wash the article with detergent and let it dry in the sun.

Tricks to remove stains from food and vomit

The stains left by a baby’s vomit or food that falls on clothes can be difficult to eliminate. Especially when we cannot wash the clothes when the stain occurs.

If this has happened to you, here is a trick to make them disappear.

Soak the stain with hydrogen peroxide and detergent and then let it rest for an hour. Then scrub thoroughly and rinse. If the stain doesn’t disappear, reapply detergent and hydrogen peroxide and let it rest for another hour.

When that is done, wash it and hang the clothes in the sun so that the heat can do its thing. After this the stain should completely disappear.

Tricks to remove ink and glue stains

Whether your child goes to daycare or school they will come home every now and then with clothes stained with ink, glue or paint.

Since a whole day would have passed after the “accident”, it will be a lot harder to eliminate the stains that the substances leave on their clothes.

Difficult, but not impossible. Here’s another trick:

Nail polish remover

Pour a bit of nail polish remover on the stain and scrub thoroughly. Then use water and soap to wash it thoroughly. You will definitely notice the stain clears up.

In order to continue the process, pour some more nail polish, scrub thoroughly and wash again with more soap and water. Repeat this process as many times as necessary in order to remove the stain completely.

As always, hang the clothes to dry in the sun.


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