15 Uncommon Names for Boys and Their Meanings

15 Uncommon Names for Boys and Their Meanings
María José Roldán

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Choosing uncommon names for children has become popular in recent years. These names stand out from the traditional, classic names.

Choosing a name for a child is always a big decision. Both parents must agree, and the name should also be a good fit for the child’s last name. The final choice will also have an impact on the child’s future.

Here’s a list of uncommon names for boys and their meanings. Perhaps one will inspire you!

Examples of uncommon names for boys

Adel: those who love Arab culture lean toward this Lebanese name. It derives from the word “adl,” which symbolizes freedom and equality. The Lebanese believe that Adel is a name of authority.

Adonis: this is a name with Phoenician roots, popularized in Greek mythology. It refers to the “man of beauty and desire.” Such was the beauty of this Greek god that Aphrodite fell madly in love with and tried to save from a boar attack.

Alonso: if you want your child to be spirited, Alonso is a good choice. Alonso means “he who is willing to fight.” The name is of Germanic origin, although it’s a more aesthetic version of other names.

Alessandro: this name comes from the construction of two Greek words. The first is “alekho,” which means “defend.” The second is “andros,” which means “man.” Therefore, its meaning is “defender of men.”

Different origins for names

One uncommon name for boys is Basil. Those who choose this alternative should know that it’s a variation of Basileios, which means “reality.” In ancient Greece, Basil was associated with the word “regal.” 

Bastian: ideal for parents whose goal is to highlight leadership skills in their children. Bastian derives from the Greek term “sebastos,” which represents the venerated and means “revered and worthy of respect.”

Duncan: although at first it was a nickname for dark-skinned warriors, it eventually became a masculine name. Duncan is of Celtic origin and means “black skinned fighter.” 

Gael: the roots of this short name lie in Celtic culture. Derived from the word “ludael,” it means “man of generosity.” 

Isamu: this Japanese name is very uncommon, but it has a powerful meaning. Isamu is “the man with courage and valor.” No doubt it is a worthy name for a special and just boy.

Mythological and medieval names

Eilan: if you want to highlight your little one’s intelligence, this is a good choice. Elian means “the brightest.” In addition, he is represented by the King of Light in Greek mythology.

Paris: the history of this name is widely known thanks to Homer’s great work The IliadParis, son of the King of Troy, kidnaps Helena, which prompts the Trojan War. It has pre-Hellenic roots and means “the one that best helps.”

Pavel: this is a Russian name that is the equivalent to Paul in English. In many civilizations, this name has been associated with persevering men.

Leonel: this name means “the little lion” and is a variation of Lionel. It was frequently used in medieval France and refers to men of strong and successful characters.

15 Uncommon Names for Boys and Their Meanings

Kilian: this beautiful name is from Ireland. It means “the man of the monastery” and “combat.” With the passage of time, different variations have arisen, including Cecilio or Cilian.

Thiago: “God will reward us” is the meaning of this beautiful name, only common in countries like Portugal or Brazil. It’s believed that this is a variation of Santiago used in Portuguese-speaking countries. Its origin is Hebrew and first appears in the Bible.

It’s recommended that uncommon names for boys be easy to write and pronounce. Have any of the previous ones caught your eye?

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