15 Unique Names for Girls and Their Meanings

15 Unique Names for Girls and Their Meanings

Last update: 16 May, 2018

There are a lot of options when it comes to looking for unique names for girls. In this article, future parents will find a list of 15 ideas, along with their meanings.

There are various unique names for girls that aren’t very traditional. Sure, classic names can be beautiful and flashy, however, some parents choose something a little different when naming their children.

We all know that identity is very important for young girls. If you decide to choose a unique or unusual name, it’s best to know its meaning.

In this article we’ll share some unique names for girls that future parents can consider. Along with the name we’ll also share a little bit about its origin.

Ideas for unique names for girls

Amaya: This name comes from the Basque Country in Spain. Its meaning isn’t entirely clear. To some people it means “end”, while to others it means “long-desired girl.”

Aylin: Latin-American indigenous culture also has a lot to offer. Aylin is an indigenous name which means “transparent” or “clear.” It was a very common name in tribes in Chile and Argentina.

Ainhoa: This is another name of Basque origin. As a matter of fact, there is a town with this name, where there is a historic image of the virgin Mary. Many Basque women are named Ainhoa.

Adara: For those who want to highlight their daughter’s purity, Adara could be the perfect choice. It is of Hebrew origin and means “virgin” or “maiden.” There is also a star named Adara.

Cassandra: This is an ideal name for parents who like strong names with character. In ancient Greece it meant “sister of men.” King Priam of Troy named his daughter Cassandra. This name also has mythical connotations.

Kendra: This is a great Anglo-Saxon name. It’s a derivative of the surname Kendrick. It means “high hill” in Danish.

15 Unique Names for Girls and Their Meanings

Names with many different meanings

Melania: If you want to emphasize your little girl’s sweetness, Melania is an ideal name. It refers to the characteristic sweetness of honey and has its origins in ancient Greece.

Minerva: This is the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom. In Greek, its equivalent is Athena. For parents who love mythology, this name refers to one of the most predominant deities from ancient times.

Mireya: This is a Catalan name that means “beautiful.” Others interpret the name as “admirable.” It comes from the Latin word mirus which has to do with beauty.

“Identity is very important for young girls. If you decide to choose a unique or unusual name, it’s best to know its meaning.”

Sinfonia: This is a recommended name for music lovers. This name means symphony which is a piece of music composed by an orchestra. This name evokes complexity, grace and artistic beauty.

Paulina: Contrary to what most people believe, Paulina isn’t a diminutive of Paula. The name is related to the Christian apostle Saint Paul. Paulina means “small with greatness.”

Names of Greek and Arabic origin

Uxia: This is a rather extravagant name; its meaning is every parent’s desire. Uxia meant “well born” in ancient Greek. So if you want good health for your child both physically and mentally, this is an excellent choice.

Xenia: This curious but elegant name has its origin in ancient Greece. Xenia means “hospitality.” It could also be used as a synonym of “solidarity.” This name is common in countries like Spain and Russia.

15 Unique Names for Girls and Their Meanings

Yelina: Although it may not seem like it, this name has Greek origins. It means “the one that shines like the sun.” It is frequently used in Latin American countries.

Zenda: This name has Arabic origins and means “sacred feminine.” However, some believe the name has Persian origins and refers to the word “life.” If you prefer a name that has transcendental and spiritual connotations, then Zenda is an excellent choice.

These are just a few unique names for girls that have both beautiful and positive meanings.

We all want our daughters to have names that evoke greatness. Many parents also consider names that have a spiritual meaning.

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