What Things Should I Avoid If I Want to Get Pregnant?

Surely, if you're thinking about having a child, you’ve asked yourself this question more than once. In this article we'll tell you the main things to avoid if you want to get pregnant.
What Things Should I Avoid If I Want to Get Pregnant?

Last update: 22 October, 2018

It isn’t enough to just want to get pregnant, you also have to help your body prepare to receive this new life.

Once the decision is made, you’ll have to take into consideration a series of steps or recommendations that may involve great changes to your lifestyle.

It’s advisable to first talk to your primary physician or gynecologist, who must perform a series of tests and studies to determine if you can get pregnant without any complications.

Once the doctor assures you that your body is in optimal conditions, it’s good to consider taking careful measures before conception.

If you want to get pregnant, what should you avoid?

There are many things that can make it difficult for a woman to conceive. However, it’s important to consider tracking your ovulation, which is a primary biological factor to monitor if you wish to get pregnant.

If you take this aspect into account, you’ll be able to know which days you’re fertile, which will help you get pregnant as soon as possible.

Once this is done, we suggest avoiding a series of habits if you want to get pregnant.

It's important to take ovulation into account.

Avoid stress and anxiety

It’s no secret that stress and anxiety won’t help you at all, so try to relax and take it easy.

Don’t drink coffee

The excessive consumption of coffee reduces blood vessels, slowing down the blood flow to the uterus. This directly affects fertility and can also produce premature birth or miscarriages in some cases.

Don’t self-medicate

If you’re in the process of getting pregnant, don’t take medication that hasn’t been prescribed by a doctor, as these could interfere with your plans of conception.

Avoid alcohol

If you consume alcohol in excessive amounts, this could reduce your chances of conceiving. This can also cause the well-known fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

No smoking

If you have this habit, try not to smoke while you’re trying to get pregnant. This can affect your baby’s weight, lung development, and even his/her IQ.

Don’t perform extreme or physically demanding sports

Avoid sports like boxing, skydiving, or mountain climbing. However, low-impact exercises are recommended.

Now once you avoid these factors, it’s good for you to follow some steps that can help you get pregnant.

Recommendations to get pregnant

Some recommendations that you can follow if you want to conceive are:

  • Take folic acid and prenatal vitamins. These should always be prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take care of your weight. You must maintain an ideal weight because you’ll gain several pounds while pregnant, which can be counterproductive to your health and that of the baby.
  • If you suffer from any disease (thyroid, diabetes, or heart problems, among others), go to your doctor to follow up on these conditions.
  • When you have sexual intercourse, don’t use lubricant or gels, as these can affect conception.
  • Try to have sexual relations on the days when you’re ovulating since fertilization is more likely to occur.
  • Before getting pregnant, if you usually dye your hair, keep in mind that during pregnancy you shouldn’t do it.
  • Avoid exposure to radiation and the use of chemical and cleaning products that are very strong.
Consume folic acid when wanting to get pregnant.

Once these previsions are taken, it’s also important that you focus on food and know what foods you should avoid if you want to get pregnant. A future mother’s diet must be healthy and balanced.

Foods that you should avoid consuming if you want to get pregnant

Keep these words in mind: “If I want to get pregnant, I shouldn’t eat certain foods.” These include sugars, especially soft drinks, saturated fats, fried foods and margarine, fatty cheeses, and unpasteurized dairy products. Also avoid raw foods like eggs, meat, and fish, as well as food products with gluten.

You already have an idea of what foods you should avoid, now let’s get to know the foods that you should consume if you want to get pregnant.

“If I want to get pregnant, what can I eat?” Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat lots of red and green colored foods, namely vegetables and fruits high in vitamins and minerals. You have a wide variety of these to choose from, for example, plums, raspberries, and strawberries.
  • Consume lots of iron because the baby will absorb it from you. This can be found in red and white meats, fish, cereals, and eggs, among other foods.
  • Incorporate Omega 3, which is present in fish such as tuna, salmon, or sardines.
  • Eat cereals, preferably wholegrain ones such as wheat, rice, barley, or oats.
  • Consume dried fruit and seeds like sunflower seeds, almonds, or nuts.
  • Drink lots of water. Intaking at least 2 liters a day is of vital importance and highly recommended.

You now have some tips for trying to get pregnant. Remember, always keep a positive attitude and don’t get frustrated if you don’t succeed at first.

Keep trying because you can do it. Although it seems like there are many steps you must take to achieve it, it’s well worth the effort.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.