The Best Weekend Activities for the Whole Family

The Best Weekend Activities for the Whole Family

Last update: 04 July, 2018

Enjoying fun weekend activities with your children is an excellent way to reduce stress and spend quality time together.

This can be a bit difficult during the week given school, work, early bedtimes and other obstacles. So it’s important to take advantage of Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend is an ideal time to have fun as a family… To talk, to relax, and to strengthen the emotional bonds among all family members.

A weekend of family time can be a challenge for parents, as it requires planning and creativity. That’s why today we’re going to share some great weekend plans for your whole family to enjoy. You can even include grandparents, cousins, etc.

The great outdoors

For children, breaking away from routine and going places that they seldom visit can feel like an adventure. Here are some great ideas to consider:

Theme parks.

Theme parks provide a world of fun for children as well as adults. There your children will have exciting and unforgettable experiences.

Outing to the country.

For all of you who live in the city, spending a day out in the country can be fun and relaxing.

Being in contact with nature can provide psychological and physical benefits. It gives your entire family the chance to breathe in fresh air, take in a different kind of landscape, and move around in wide open spaces.

Your little ones will be able to run around and explore, roll around on the grass, ride bikes and enjoy nature.

The Best Weekend Activities for You and Your Family

A day at the beach.

If you have an accessible beach close to your home, then you have a number of weekend activities available for your family. Your children can bring along objects for building sand castles and sculptures. 

Oceans and lakes are a great place to have fun during the summer months. If you have the opportunity to stay until later in the night, then you can watch the sunset and perhaps even build a fire.

Visit the zoo or a local farm.

Children adore animals. A visit to the zoo allows little ones to observe animals that they can’t encounter in any other context. Petting zoos and local farms give the chance to interact with animals as well .

Outdoor sporting events.

There are plenty of sporting events that take place outdoors and provide a fun experience for your entire family. Car races, baseball games, soccer matches… just to name a few.

Your children will enjoy the excitement. Plus, watching sports can help motivate your family to stay fit.

Cultural or educational activities

Weekend activities with your children are a great opportunity not only to have a good time, but to learn as well. There are several options:


While this may sound like a more adult-oriented activity, many museums offer activities for children of all ages. If you motivate your children in the right way, they will become interested and enjoy the learning experience.

Historical sites.

Visiting nearby historical sites is a great way to help your children relate to the place where they live and with its past. Children learn history and tradition and develop a sense of belonging.

At-home weekend plans

Your own home can be the ideal place to enjoy a unique family weekend:

Movie marathon.

Creating an at-home theater experience is a fabulous idea that your kids are bound to become excited about. Allow each family member to choose their favorite family-friendly film. Then, spread the movies out over the weekend and watch them all together.

Of course, nothing’s better than a big bowl of homemade popcorn, soft drinks and ice cream to complete the experience.

The Best Weekend Activities for You and Your Family

Family competitions.

Choose weekend activities that your entire family can enjoy and participate in. You can choose card games, board games, a dance competition, a costume contest, family olympics, etc.

Be creative! If you need more space, you can always go to a local park.

Special dinner.

The kitchen brings people together. As a family, you can plan the meal, make a special trip to the supermarket, and prepare each dish. You can also decorate the table and the dining room for the occasion.

It’s important that the entire family participate.

Team cleaning.

Give each family member a set of special chores as well as symbolic prizes for getting things done. Cleaning and tidying up together encourages teamwork and responsibilityIt also stresses the importance of cooperation and reinforces positive habits for daily life.


Arts and crafts make for perfect weekend activities. They allow your children to put their creativity and imagination to work, as well as improve their fine motor skills.

Social media: Added fun

Make picture taking a part of your weekend agenda in order to document your fun.

When the weekend is over, sit down as a family and choose which pictures you like best. Then create an album on social media with captions created by the whole family.

Further recommendations for a successful family weekend

Every family is different. However, here are some general tips that you’ll find very useful:

  • Choose weekend activities that fit the time of year and are climate appropriate. Weather can often be a defining factor in the success or failure of a family activity.
  • Keep your children’s age in mind. Everyone will have more fun as long as the littlest members of the family are happy.
  • Be prepared. If you’re leaving home, bring snacks, water, extra clothes, etc. Make sure you have everything you need to cover your family’s needs and avoid complications.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.