Will he be a good father? Learn how to find out

Will he be a good father? Learn how to find out

Last update: 04 October, 2017

Oftentimes, once women feel they’ve found the ideal man, a few months into a relationship they start looking at him with their eyes on the future. They tend to fantasize to the point of observing if that man fulfills the requirements to be a good father.

Of course you never know 100% what will happen. Yet some criteria that will be mentioned below can be applied to evaluate if a man is on the right path. We hope that he will become the good father that you’d like him to be.

He will be a good father if…

He expresses his feelings

He doesn’t seem afraid or ashamed to say I love you. If he puts himself out there as he is, whether it’s good or bad, you won’t have any issues. He can make it clear what he wants and doesn’t want. As a couple, you’ll be able to make decisions by talking things out. In addition, it’s a preview of the affection that he will show to his children.

He cares about his partner 

He is aware of everything going on at the time. A man who truly cares can get to the point where he remembers that a medical appointment is something important to her. He tolerates those things that can be whims or moods. He pampers her, he doesn’t leave her side until she’s well. He does everything necessary to leave her happy and smiling.

When he pays attention to details

Not all men are good at these things, but some of them can take note or details. For instance, when she is wearing a bracelet that she just bought or new shoes. Everything that this man sees in his partner that is different is immediately noticed.

He’s independent, he can take care of himself 

He not only knows how to treat her like a queen. Additionally, he is able to do stuff around the house and his own things. He is a good cook. He can clean up and take care of his beloved. He doesn’t need to call his mother to be able to make decisions.

Father cuddling with smiling baby

A good father has a good sense of humor

He tickles your funny bone. As a couple, he loves to fool around with a bit of horseplay to keep you laughing. He makes it possible for his partner to feel happy. It gives him satisfaction to see her smile.

He’s a good cook

It’s fun to cook as a couple. However, he may make a gesture towards her by making a delicious romantic dinner on a Friday night or a lovely lunch on Sunday. It would be great to get home from work tired and have your fella take care of dinner. Showing that he can cook well and with lots of love can get him a lot of points.

With the responsibility of a good father 

For the simple fact of being in a relationship as a couple, it has to be assumed that he’s already assumed certain responsibilities. He has the habit of giving more explanations and giving more time to other things of lesser importance. It’s important to know that these things should come from him. The relationship is part of his responsibilities with everything that it implies and that he seems to like it.

He likes kids

Father looking at sleeping baby

We notice that when he sees a baby, he smiles tenderly. He likes to play with nephews, nieces or little cousins. This is a good indication to think that he will be a happy, playful father.

He thinks about the future 

It’s not just the present. He’s formulated some long-term goals  and mutual dreams. The couple plans to keep building their relationship little by little with things like marriage. They are thinking about buying a bigger house, getting a pet, or even having that little seed of their love, a child.

In high pressure situations, he stays calm

It’s customary that the woman keeps the peace. However, when she doesn’t have enough patience, he can handle those situations that are out of control. It’s a good sign that he knows how to control his emotions.

A good father is 100% reliable

It’s obvious that trust is important in a relationship. Being able to count on each other for what is needed is very valuable. That when a setback happens, he won’t hesitate to be there for her.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.