8 Tips for First-Time Parents!

8 Tips for First-Time Parents!

Last update: 26 October, 2017

You are going to have a baby! Happiness, excitement, and anxiety are all around you. Even more so if you are first-time parents. For this very reason, you will begin to notice that a tsunami of advice begins to rain from several fronts. The first rule to face this new role will be to follow your instinct: ignore 90% of it!

Nobody doubts it. Surely these typical tips of grandmothers, neighbors, and mothers are given with the best of intentions. However, many of them may have become obsolete or have no scientific basis. You will already confirm, among neonatologists and pediatricians, that these old-fashioned suggestions should be ignored.

Are you about to become a mother or a father and want to get immersed in the subject? So take note, because the following tips we provide from You are Mom are really excellent.

8 tips for first-time parents

It’s possible that being a first-time parent terrifies you a little. The idea of being truly prepared to be good parents tortures us day and night. But the reality is that you simply follow these tips to live this wonderful moment in a unique way, enjoying from start to finish:

newborn baby being held by first-time parents
  • You can and are perfectly capable. It is simply a question of thinking what is best for your child and for you. With the help of your pediatrician you will know very well how to take care of your child, no matter what others think of you.
  • Shared roles. Preparing bottles, changing diapers or getting up in the middle of the night if the baby cries is a job for two. Getting involved in the care and protection of the child belongs to both mom and dad alike. Even if you are surprised, these tasks strengthen the bond with the newborn.
  • Get familiar with schedules and routines. If you want to be happy first-time parents without dying in the attempt to establish times for certain actions, the key is instilling good order, behavior and habits in raising your child.

“When a newborn squeezes with his small fist, for the first time, the finger of his father, he is trapped forever.”
-Gabriel Garcia Marquez-

  • Pamper yourself, give yourself a ‘break’. Probably no one will tell you or assume this, but being a parent is complex. To such an extent, that many times you will feel frustration to believe that you can not take it. It’s okay to leave your child for an hour a week with your grandmother, take some time to get out, have a drink, eat in quiet or nap.
  • Take care of their wings and let them fly. The most important thing is that, instead of molding your child as you want them to be, think about them. It’s just about finding out who they are, to finally let them be. And always be prepared for the unexpected because it will eventually happen.
first-time parents looking at baby shoes
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. It is normal that on some days you don’t have all the patience in the world. It is also good that you allow yourself to overlook those things that are of no importance. Housekeeping can wait, life cannot. Do not demand so much, discover all the emotions that are within you.
  • Give thanks! Appreciate the possibility of having given life to your child. Because even those aspects that you probably find unpleasant will be worth it. Poop, snot, crying, shouting and fighting will be just a detail of the best thing that happened to you in your life as a couple.
  • Prepare to be full of love. It is difficult to understand, complex to prepare or know until experienced in its own flesh: it is love. You will already see yourself loving even more than you thought you could. No, believe that you have not yet done so, at least not in that way. It will be the most wonderful of your days.

As you can see, it’s all about being united and living out the changes in a positive way. Surrender completely to that new spark that ignites before our enamored eyes. Give it time and let out all the love that surpasses us. Follow your heart and relax, because you’re going to do great.

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