5 Lovely Truths About Having Daughters

5 Lovely Truths About Having Daughters
Ana Couñago

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Having daughters is a great blessing, just as it is when a mother brings a son into the world. Both boys and girls have their personal and characteristic traits that distinguish them.

However, having daughters involves certain very special and lovely truths that every mother experiences at some point.

Having daughters: 5 lovely and common situations

Undoubtedly there are certain differences between boys and girls. If you have a daughter, you can probably identify with some of the situations mentioned below. You might even start to smile a little when you think of all the anecdotes that happen every day with your daughter.

A speaker by your side all day

Do you not have a sweet voice humming in your ear morning, noon and night? Having daughters means enjoying endless talks and always finding a new topic of conversation.

Mothers love to listen to their daughters, see how they express themselves and hear about their problems and joys. This, even if you do not realize it, has value in the development of your daughter’s emotions and communication skills.

the joy of having daughters

The challenge of becoming a personal stylist

Accept it: her hair is a conflict that may last forever. Children try to take out their  ponytails or to leave their headbands on until they get home.

With the passage of time, tears appear when the hair becomes tangled. Not to mention the travesty of gum stuck in long hair.

Should you put their hair up or let it down? Short or long? Hair is the eternal fight of childhood between mothers and daughters. 

The many struggles of clothes

As mothers, we cannot help but succumb to the charm of girls’ clothes. We buy an endless supply of garments that they may never even use.

Who could resist that mini vest or that floral dress? However, girls quickly begin to look for independence in their wardrobe. Clothing and makeup become part of their personal style.

The breaking of stereotypes

Having daughters means uncovering the common myth of the calm, quiet and serene girl. Who said girls cannot be bold, fearless, fast, strong, brave and active? Just visit a house with a girl to be proven otherwise.

A love-hate relationship

Her bond with you is probably pendulous. The magical bond that unites you often moves constantly in an ambivalent manner. Your daughter may one day say those painful words, “I hate you.”

Do not worry. Fortunately, it is just a phase and doesn’t last forever. Girls know how to show when they are upset. In the end you will always end up winning the affection and love that you have for each other.

having daughters is a beautiful gift

Having daughters: a miracle and a blessing

Having daughters is first a miracle and then a blessing. It is a stroke of luck that brings with it a unique experience.

It is an opportunity to relive our youth, playing games, singing songs and recovering the clothes of our childhood. To have a daughter is to enjoy everything that we left behind in the past.

Motherhood is tinged with sweetness and tenderness. Being a mother is understanding with love and affection; to be a role model for someone who follows you in your footsteps.

It is learning about trust and friendship, sharing and keeping secrets. It is to be with someone always, during the good times and the bad. It is holding hands when she needs it and also letting her do things alone.

You understand their tears and disappointments more than anyone else, and have the advantage of knowing exactly what to say or do to heal those wounds.

Having daughters means laughing out loud in certain situations and, especially, to be happy with each important step. Having a daughter is finding your better half again and knowing that it is forever.

When a child is happy, there is a mother touching the sky.


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