8 Things Pregnant Women Cannot Do

8 Things Pregnant Women Cannot Do

Last update: 15 January, 2018

There are several things pregnant women cannot do that we sometimes don’t know about. Pregnant women have to take special care of themselves and avoid doing certain activities that could harm their baby or even themselves.

In addition to the physical and mental changes that women go through during pregnancy, they should also modify and avoid certain habits. Here we will mention some of them:

Things that pregnant women cannot do

If you are pregnant, your basic rule should be to take good care of yourself and enjoy the 9 months of pregnancy with ease. It’s important to know what can affect your baby and to be very attentive to things that you shouldn’t do at this stage.

things that pregnant women cannot do
  1. Avoid raw foods, as these can be an easy target for bacteria. These bacteria can facilitate the development of infections, so doctors recommend not eating raw foods such as unpasteurized cheeses, fruit juices, eggs, fish or meat, among others.
  2. Do not drink alcohol. Although this is one of the first rules that our doctors recommend during pregnancy, it is important to always keep it in mind. Specialists advise not consuming any alcohol at all, even a little bit. Research has concluded that it is a toxic substance that damages the development of the baby’s brain.
  3. Decrease caffeine consumption. Consuming excess caffeine during pregnancy can be harmful for the baby. Remember that caffeine is found in various types of beverages.
  4. Do not clean cat litter boxes. By doing so, you are in danger of getting a well-known infection called toxoplasmosis, which can cause problems such as premature birth, growth retardation, and eye or brain damage.
  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Some studies indicate that there is no risk in their consumption, but it is better to lean toward natural sweeteners like honey. Sweeteners have aspartame, sucralose and acesulfame K, which can cause complications in childbirth.
  6. Do not perform high impact exercise. During pregnancy, exercise itself is not prohibited, but there are some that should not be performed. High-impact exercises are not recommended for the health of the baby, but low-impact exercises such as prenatal yoga or walking can be done without any problem (always consult your doctor first, however). Avoid doing exercises such as weight lifting, sit-ups, squats and contact sports.
  7. Be careful with saunas and hot tubs. You must limit activities that involve high temperatures, as they can cause health problems in the baby. It is also important to avoid baths with water that is too hot, warm blankets and laying too long in the sun.
  8. Do not chew gum. This habit can damage your teeth because they are sensitive during pregnancy.

New Zealand specialists in 2010 discovered that exercising during pregnancy brings children of a healthy weight into the world.

Things you should do during pregnancy

In addition to the things that pregnant women cannot do, there are also other things that are recommended during this stage.

Maybe you already know some of them, but just in case, here a few beneficial practices that will help you:

  • Do perineal exercises. It is best to start doing the famous Kegel exercises, as these will help you control your perineal muscles.
  • Wear a bra. Weight gain can cause severe back pain, so a good bra can help minimize it.
  • Enjoy pregnancy. It is a unique moment and, although you may have quite uncomfortable symptoms, it is still a very special stage.
  • Eat correctly. It is important to investigate and know what foods can be eaten during pregnancy. Many can harm the baby.
  • Talk with your doctor. She is the best guide. Consult with her about all the questions and concerns you have.

It is important for pregnant women to wash their hands well when handling raw foods.

It is essential for you to be informed about things that pregnant women cannot do, and also about those that benefit the mother during this stage.

Often, due to lack of awareness, we can do things that could harm our baby or affect our health.

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