Advantages of Becoming a Mother after 40

Advantages of Becoming a Mother after 40

Last update: 29 May, 2018

Up until a few years ago, it wasn’t common to speak about the advantages of being a mother after 40.

Complications during childbirth, added risk to the mother’s life and even the higher chance of miscarriage were just a few of the problems known at the time. However, today the outlook is much more positive.

Recent studies show that if the adequate amount of monthly checkups and proper care are given, it’s unlikely that problems will occur. Many myths have been debunked thanks to advances in medicine and prenatal studies.

Therefore, many mothers have been able to fulfil their dreams, regardless of age.

It’s now essential to think about the numerous advantages of having a baby after 40. This applies both on a physical and mental level.

The changes that can be produced by having a baby at this age are much more beneficial than once believed.

Physiological advantages of being a mother after 40

Improvement of mental abilities

There is an increase in mental acuity, especially in those associated with problem solving. Improvement also occurs with verbal aptitude.

According to studies published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, this improvement is due to hormones that are involved in pregnancy.

One of them is progesterone, which is in charge of developing brain tissue. The other, estrogen, is very influential on brain structure.

Healthier lifestyle and diet

An older woman’s diet is usually healthier than that of a younger woman’s. Older women pay more attention to quality food, a healthy diet. Of course, they also have a strong interest in knowing how their diet affects their fetus and their own body.

They’re more aware of the risks and, therefore, are more careful to prevent them.

Advantages of Becoming a Mother after 40

Advantages of mental maturity

Work and economic stability

After the age of 40, most women usually have work and economic stability. They have peace of mind in knowing they can take care of their baby or future babies without them lacking anything.

They’ve already achieved many work goals and it’s almost impossible for their child to negatively influence their work ambitions.

Mental and emotional balance

Older mothers are better prepared to deal with pregnancy and the new life of being a mother. Their maturity shows when the time comes to adapt to changes. This makes the process a bit more relaxed.

In addition, the wisdom they’ve acquired over the years makes them stand out from younger mothers.

These women have already experienced and overcome numerous situations in life, which gives them the tranquility to undertake the process without getting exhausted.

They don’t blame their children

Many younger mothers end up blaming their children. They look back and believe they missed out on many big opportunities in their youth.

Despite the fact that this outlook is selfish and unfair, it’s still experienced by many young mothers.

Older age also reduces the risk of suffering from these frustrations. When a woman decides to become a mother after the age of 40, it’s because they feel they’ve already lived through most of the experiences of their youth and they’re now ready to take another step in life.

“Children are not toys, nor substitutes that should be forced to realize the unsatisfied ambitions of a parent. Children are the obligation to form happy beings.” – Simone de Beauvoir

They’re fully aware of their decision

Whether they have a partner or not, they make a conscious choice. They take into account all of the pros and cons and already know what they want.

These mothers are aware that the pregnancy will affect every aspect of their lives and feel prepared to face the challenge.

It’s rare for a baby to be conceived at this age as a result of rash decisions made with little thought. Older mothers also have less insecurities and doubts in comparison to younger ones.

Advice to keep in mind if you’re going to be a mother after 40

  • If you’ve decided to become a mother after the age of 40, it’s very important to consult your gynecologist and family doctor.
  • It’s important to go to all the monthly checkups in order to be up to date on the baby’s condition.
  • At this age, getting pregnant can be a bit more difficult, however, it isn’t impossible. Don’t rule out other methods such as assisted reproduction.
  • Your energy levels might be lower but this doesn’t have to be a problem.

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