Confessions From A Happily Exhausted Mom

Confessions From A Happily Exhausted Mom

Last update: 14 February, 2018

It’s perfectly normal to become a happily exhausted mom. Being a mother is the most beautiful profession in the world. There is no arguing about that.

But while we dedicate all our time to our children, work, and obligations, we often forget about a key element: our own well-being.

The whole day is spent doing everything possible and even impossible to guarantee everyone else’s happiness. We play with the baby, talk with our partner, cook their favorite dishes, organize the house, work to help with the expenses and so much more.

Mothers give their whole being without expecting anything in return. However, on the road to obtaining everyone else’s happiness, we often forget about ourselves.

At the end of the day we realize that we devote very little time to ourselves except for our personal hygiene routines. The woman who would never go out on the street before spending hours in front of the mirror getting ready now ceases to exist.

happily exhausted mom

We don’t mind wearing the same pair of jeans for several days in a row or using the first clothes we find in the closet. We also don’t mind exchanging the time we spend putting on makeup on other needs that must be met around the house.

Yes, life changes us in a radical way and maybe the reality doesn’t look like what you had imagined during your pregnancy.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful fairy tales that actually exists in the world. However, at the beginning of the tale, you realize that you must sacrifice many things in order to see the positive fruits of the future.

Happily exhausted mom, it’s time to regroup

Whenever we are asked about our new roles, all of the tough moments immediately pass through our minds. However, the answer will always be that we are happier than ever. And that is the absolute truth.

In solitude, we wonder how could we possibly live without those little ones? The ones that change our whole world. The ones who fill our world with color.

A child represents something indescribable. They come into your life to make you understand that there are certain things that have real importance in life.

Even if you feel like you have no strength, remember that you are your baby’s heroine.

Some days are eternal and nights short-lived. Sometimes we don’t even know what day of the week it is.

Fatigue takes over and sometimes we just want to throw in the towel (even when we have the best of company in our arms). But that’s how it is. It’s a mixture of feelings that we experience and that is perfectly normal.

At the beginning we are focused on understanding the mystery of raising a child and how to take care of a baby. Even changing a diaper can be an incredibly tough challenge.

Then the days pass and we start to ask ourselves: Where are we? Who are we? How are we doing on the inside?

Surely, now you can’t eat with the same peace of mind as you did yesterday. You can’t go to the bathroom alone, go out with your friends or even make a phone call without saying, “I’ll call you later, my child needs me.”

This is the reality of a happily exhausted mother. A woman that gives everything, without expecting anything in return.

A mother who no longer needs to comb her hair in order look good, although she always dresses her child in the most comfortable clothes. That’s you, the heroine who will do anything to make the fruits of happiness grow.

Motherhood from another perspective

When we become mothers, the most beautiful gift is placed in our hands. We dedicate our whole life to our children. No one can make us change our way of thinking.

Little by little you should look for a space for yourself. Where you can revive your essence. You have already survived the pregnancy process where you gave all of yourself and discovered what it means to be a mother.

Stop for second and think about yourself, open the door that allows you to rediscover yourself.

happily exhausted mom

Find a space for yourself and fill yourself with positive energy. This way you will be ready to deliver the best of yourself to your family.

Doing what we like is not wrong. On the contrary it allows us to distract the mind in order to come back stronger.

Do an activity that you enjoy, exercise, listen to music or go for a walk with your friends. This is a good recipe to fill yourself with positive energy.

Motherhood is wonderful. If you start to feel tired and you get the urge to leave everything aside, do not forget: listen to your heart.

Remember what you experienced with your child in your womb. Get ready to enjoy all of the moments that will never be the same.

You should always remember that it is normal to feel like a happily exhausted mom sometimes.

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