The Arrival of a New Sibling Is the Best Gift

The Arrival of a New Sibling Is the Best Gift

Last update: 24 April, 2018

While you’re pregnant, you can start preparing your oldest child for the arrival of their new sibling.

The way you approach the birth of the new baby and their integration into the family will undoubtedly help resolve any fears and jealousy.

The arrival of a new sibling is an event that should bring joy to the firstborn. However, it’s normal for children to feel jealousy or resentment towards the new family member.

This is because the arrival of the new sibling causes many major changes. Children can find it difficult to adapt properly to all of these changes.

How to get your oldest child to adapt in a healthy way?

If you want your firstborn to feel happy about the arrival of their new sibling, you must help them.

The following guidelines will be very useful.

Meet the baby in the hospital

This is a good option since it allows the child to be with their mother again and to meet their little sibling for the first time.

This will also allow the child observe the newborn. Taking this step can help them begin to strengthen their fraternal bond.

Another good option is to give a gift from the newborn to the older sibling.

You should make the older child feel that the love the family feels for them hasn’t changed. They’re still a main member of the family.

Keep their daily routines

The arrival of a new baby causes many changes at home. However, you should try to maintain your eldest child’s routine (to the extent possible) in order to avoid confusing them.

Since you can’t avoid all of the changes, explain to your oldest child why the changes are occurring. Respect their space and keep their belongings where they’ve always been.

Dedicate time

Although it may be hard to find time, you should try to find a moment where you can be alone with them.

Both parents need to dedicate and enjoy time with each one of their children.

The Arrival of a New Sibling Is the Best Gift

Allow them to participate in taking care of the new baby.

For example, they can hold the diapers or the baby bottle, among other things, that are within their reach (depending on their age).

This will make them feel helpful and important, and it will also help facilitate the acceptance of the family’s new member.

Another alternative is to have fun with the older child while the newborn is present. This way the child will know that mom still has the time to sing, play and read stories to them.

The main objective of all of this is for your older child to see their new sibling as a gift to the family.

“I, who don’t have brothers or sisters, look with a degree of envy at those who can say they’ve seen their friend’s birth”
James Boswell—

Speak with your child

You should communicate clearly with your child, according to their age and maturity, as you explain what is happening.

As they reach the age of 2 they become capable of understanding many things.

Listen carefully to their concerns and respond to them in a way that will help them understand. 

You can also talk to them about when they were babies and how you took care of them.

Show them some pictures and their baby clothes. This will make them identify with the newborn.

It’s important to show affection at all times so the child will feel their parents’ unwavering love.

Conserve the roles of other family members

Family members such as grandparents, uncles and aunts can also dedicate time to the child. They can carry out activities like playing in the park, snacking or going to the movies.

This will prevent the child from noticing the drastic change and the fact that mom can no longer spend all of her time with them.

4 situations that parents should prevent

You can avoid uncomfortable situations and misunderstandings by following these recommendations:

  • Don’t let the older child overdo it in trying to keep your attention.
  • As parents, you shouldn’t feel bad about spending time with the newborn.
  • Don’t allow the child to dominate the situation with tantrums and uncontrollable crying.
  • Be firm but also loving and patient when it comes to correcting them.
The Arrival of a New Sibling Is the Best Gift

Why do older siblings get jealous when a baby is born?

Jealousy is normal and positive within reasonable parameters. It shows that the child has developed a strong affective bond with their parents. It’s important for them to love and be loved.

The new baby usually captures everyone’s attention, especially the parents’. That’s why the eldest child feels their relationship with their parents is threatened.

They show their fear through unusual behavior.

Parents should be balanced in order to attend to all of the children in the house, showing them the love and affection they deserve.

If all of this is done, the arrival of the new sibling will be understood as the best gift ever.

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