Coco: A Movie to Watch as A Family

Coco: A Movie to Watch as A Family

Last update: 10 April, 2018

If you’re a parent who enjoys watching animated movies with your children, then you’ll love Coco.

This film tells an incredibly touching story. What’s more, it will entertain your children while also teaching them important lessons.

Coco is a movie that was quite popular in Mexico. The movie theaters where full of people who wanted to enjoy seeing their beautiful towns, culture and traditions such as the “day of the dead.”

The film has a profoundly moving story. It’s also stunningly animated and full of beautiful songs and magnificent lessons.

Plot of the movie

Pixar Animation Studios unveiled their 3D animated movie Coco in October of 2017. It’s inspired by the “day of the dead” celebration in Mexico.

The movie tells the story of Miguel, a child who lives with his family in a town called Santa Cecilia

Miguel has a dream: to become a great musician just like De la Cruz, his idol who was also from his hometown.

But the protagonist has a problem; his family has been banned from making any sort of music for generations.

They believe they’re cursed because their great-grandfather abandoned them to become a singer.

After a strange occurrence, Miguel ends up traveling through the world of the dead, where he sets off on his fantastic adventure with Hector, a skeleton that helps him reach his dreams.

“Live your moment”
—Ernesto De la Cruz—

Characters in Coco

Some of the main characters of the movie Coco are:

  • Miguel Rivera: A boy who wants to be an artist, but has to fight against the ban that has been placed on his family. When he magically reaches the world of the dead, he looks for his idol who helps him return to the land of the living.
  • Mama Coco: Miguel’s great-grandmother who is a lot older than he is, yet this doesn’t stop him from loving and sharing his adventures with her.
  • Grandma: Miguel’s grandmother who prohibits all kinds of music within the Rivera family. When she gets angry she takes off her flip-flops to defend the family.
    Coco: A Movie to Watch as A Family
  • The father: Miguel’s father is a good and compassionate man that has a family shoe-making business. He hopes that one day his son will take it over.
  • The mother: The one who gently invites Miguel to follow the family’s traditions.
  • Hector: A nice skeleton and trickster in the world of the dead who wants to go to the land of the living.
  • Ernesto de la Cruz: The most famous Mexican musician, and he happens to be Miguel’s idol.
  • Chicharron: Hector’s friend who gets forgotten in the land of the dead.
  • Imelda: The founder of the family shoe store.

7 lessons for the family

This movie contains many positive messages that apply to older children.

Little ones can also learn about the value of perseverance when it comes to reaching their dreams.

The movie also teaches the importance of sincerity, honesty and loyalty.

  • Don’t stop until you reach your dreams. Although Miguel is a 12-year-old boy, he faces all of his challenges without giving up. He dreams to be a musician, and he hopes to have his family’s support.
  • Family should come first. This movie shows that family members should be the people that we can count on unconditionally. Family members should take care of one another, especially during challenging moments. Everyone can learn from this lesson.
  • This film also portrays the essence of the Mexican family and their values. Although it takes place in a small Mexican town, it shows the traditions and customs of the Mexican people in a great way.
  • It shows the beauty of Mexico, its culture and the beauty of its towns and parties.
  • The film is full of colors, music and lights. This fascinates the little ones and they’ll love the characters.
  • It explains a few things about death. For example, it shows that not everything is lost with death. Although there is a period of grieving it’s better to celebrate life. The movie explains that forgetting about a loved one is the only true death. Love has the power to extend far beyond death.
  • Many people don’t show you who they really are. Famous people might seem to have the perfect life, however, that may not always be true.
Coco: A Movie to Watch as A Family

Coco aims to celebrate Mexican identity and ideology through its traditions. The celebration “day of the dead” pays homage to the country’s art and culture.

The film, which is full of values, fun and drama, also aims to promote family bonds and roots through a beautiful story.


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