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Leticia María Fernández Gutiérrez


An educational psychologist specializing in family mediation and school guidance. She has worked as a private class teacher, as well as a counselor at Espacio Liberum. She currently works as a monitor in the Despierta España Program at the end after which she worked with digital media in the writing and editing of articles related to her training.

About the author

Graduated in Educational Psychology from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (2013). She completed her training with a Master's degree in Family Guidance and Mediation from the Pontifical University of Salamanca (2015) and a Degree in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education (2020). She also has a Diploma in Teaching with a specialty in Hearing and Language from her alma mater (2009).

She has given private classes and tutoring to children and adolescents. She has also worked as a counselor and educational psychologist. She is currently a program monitor in Programa Despierta España, at the same time as working with different digital media platforms in an informative facet.


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