How to Organize Your Baby's Baptism the Best Way Possible

How to Organize Your Baby's Baptism the Best Way Possible
Leticia María Fernández Gutiérrez

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue Leticia María Fernández Gutiérrez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Organizing your baby’s baptism can be very fun, as long as you know what steps to take. 

Do you want a baptism that everyone will remember? Are you asking yourself what you need to do to keep things under control?

Follow our advice and your child’s baptism is sure to be all you dreamed it would be.

Baptisms represent much more than a baby’s participation in the beliefs and traditions of the parents.

Baptisms have become a sort of presentation of the child before society. For this reason, many parents feel a great sense of pressure when it comes to planning and organizing the event.

Lately, baptisms have turned into major occasions on the same scale as a wedding celebration. In fact, both events involve many of the same elements. But it’s important not to lose perspective.

A baptism is not a wedding. You can still have the perfect baptism without turning it into a huge over-the-top festivity.

Pay attention to the tips we want to share with you today, and you’ll be able to organize a beautiful baptism for your little one without going overboard.

Tips for the perfect baptism

  • Budget. Establishing a maximum budget is a great first step to planning your child’s baptism. Keeping this budget in mind will help you control what you spend and keep track of everything you’re organizing. If you want to stick to a lower budget, a baptism ceremony followed by a simple cocktail party is perfectly acceptable.
  • Guests. Remember that the focus should always be on your child, thus you should plan with your little one’s best interests in mind. Your baby might get overwhelmed by a large amount of people wanting to hold him and take pictures. Be selective when choosing the people who accompany you on this special day.
  • Baptism outfit. Depending on the characteristics of the celebration – modern versus traditional – you’ll want to choose an outfit that suits the occasion. The most traditional choice is that of a christening gown, which consists of a long white gown and hat. Many families have christening gowns that have been passed down for generations. This can add a sentimental touch to the occasion. However, more modern outfits are now in style for older children or for parents who simply want something different.
How to Organize Your Baby's Baptism the Best Way Possible
  • The reception. This is a decisive moment that will leave its mark. Traditionally, families choose to celebrate their child’s baptism with a lunch or dinner afterwards. It’s up to you if you want to do something similar to a wedding reception… Plenty of friends and family, a candy bar, photographer, chocolate fountain, a formal meal, etc. Or you can choose just the opposite: A simple celebration. You can invite just your closest friends and family to the baptism, followed by a simple meal, tea, or toast.
  • Gifts. At baptisms, just like in weddings and communions, the child isn’t the only one who receives gifts. Traditionally, parents also give out some sort of souvenir as a gift to the guests. You can choose whatever you like, but remember: It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It’s simply a party favor.
How to Organize Your Baby's Baptism the Best Way Possible
  • Age. Although most parents baptize their children before the age of 6 months, there is no age limit. This means you may see 1, 2 and 3-year-olds receiving baptisms. Baptismal gowns are usually made for small babies. If you’re baptizing an older child, remember that a traditional christening gown may be hard to come by.
  • Godparents. Traditionally, parents choose two different individuals to serve as their child’s godparents. But you’re free to choose just one. However, if you do choose two individuals, you should choose one man and one woman. This is a requirement according to Catholic cannon protocol. Godparents are responsible for educating the child in the values of the Christian Church in case the child’s parents are unable.

What NOT to do when organizing your child’s baptism

  • Don’t forget who you’re celebrating. Babies have their own rhythms. Look for the best way to have a great day, while at the same time respecting your child’s schedule and routine.
  • Don’t break the bank. Baptisms can cost as little or as much as you want them to. We recommend keeping in mind how much you want to spend so as not to go over your set budget.

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