7 Responsibilities That Come With Being a Godmother

7 Responsibilities That Come With Being a Godmother
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the expectations and responsibilities that come with being a godmother? A godmother’s basic role is, of course, protecting and caring for her godchild.

However, godmothers have many more responsibilities and duties than just that. If you’re going to take on the privilege of being a godmother then you should take note of all that it entails.

Being chosen as a godmother means more than simply being responsible for your godchild’s arrival. Being a godmother also means having the privilege of watching over and looking after a child throughout his life.

Although the idea of ​​being a godmother is closely related to religion, it doesn’t have to be limited to that area. We’ve compiled a list for you to know exactly what the duties of a godmother are.

Resposibilities that come with being a godmother

  • Give support, trust and love to your godchild. You’re someone who will be very close to him. Because of this you must create a special link and offer him trust. He should be able to express his thoughts and feelings freely with you. There should never be a lack of the love and support that he’ll surely need from you.
  • Be active in the child’s life. It isn’t enough to simply appear at the ceremony where they name you godmother and that’s that. You should also be present on special days in your godchild’s life, such as birthdays, or important school events. Don’t forget that the closest people in children’s lives will always occupy a very special part in their memories. Don’t miss the chance to be with him at the really important times in his life.
7 Responsibilities That Come With Being a Godmother
  • Be a good role model. You’ll inevitably become a role model for your godchild, and for that reason you must take the role seriously. Everyone around him will quite naturally become an example to him of how the world works. He’ll learn how to live in it, and fit into it. Because of this you must really make this role your own, for the benefit of the child and for your benefit too.
  • Offer him life resources. Another of your missions is to provide resources to your godchild so that he can face the situations that will appear in his day-to-day life. Skills such as resilience, empathy or the management of emotions are essential in children’s lives.

Other duties of godmothers

We’ve now seen some of the basic duties and responsibilities of godmothers. However, there are other issues that should be considered as well, such as:

  • Showing an interest in your godchild’s education. It’s important that we understand the term education as being all the combined instruction your godchild will receive throughout his life. This can be school education, but also education on a spiritual, moral or religious level. It’s important that you understand what direction the child’s parents want their education to go in. Then get involved and find out how and what they would like to teach their child, and what values they want to instill.
  • Supporting the parents. Don’t forget that everything you do should be done in accordance with the parents. They’re undoubtedly the most important figures in the child’s development. This doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything, but you should offer coherence in the instruction of your godchild. If not, then the inconsistencies may confuse him.
  • Loving him unconditionally. You must be part of his life and love him in such a way that he understands that you love him for who he is and not for what he does. A child who feels loved in this way will grow up with high self-confidence and many positive abilities. In addition, the bond between you will be strengthened and there will be a reciprocal and unconditional love in both directions.

You’re someone who will be very close to him, so you must create a special bond and offer him trust. He should be able to express his thoughts and feelings freely with you.

7 Responsibilities That Come With Being a Godmother

Conclusions about being a godmother

Being a godmother implies much more than what we might think at first. Although this task is traditionally associated with a religious title, these days it covers much more.

Without a doubt, it isn’t a role to be taken lightly. It’s a role that will offer the child unconditional love and support in his social network. You must decide to what extent you’re willing to be involved in his life and, above all, how to go about it.

We’d like to encourage you to accept this position of privilege if you ever get the opportunity. The responsibilities that come with being a godmother are just one part of what is involved in being close to the child.

With time and good doses of unconditional love, you’ll surely become a fundamental part of his life.


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