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Mara Amor López


A psychologist with extensive experience in clinical practice. She has worked as a trainer in institutions, as a facilitator of talks and workshops in secondary education schools, as director of psychology clinics, and as a clinical psychologist. Nowadays she combines this profession with the writing of articles for digital media.

About the author

Has a Degree in Psychology from the University of Murcia (2009) with a mixed itinerary in Clinical Psychology and Education. She has a Master's degree in Clinical Practice in Mental Health from the Spanish Association of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (2010) and is accredited by the European Foundation of Psychology (EFP). Association number: COP Murcia MU:02396.

She has taken the Trainer Training, Occupational Trainer, and Child Psychology courses, among others, taught by the Antonio de Nebrija University. She worked as a trainer at Escuela de Padres for 4 years. We can also highlight her participation in the International Symposium on Family and Health Psychology, as well as in the study for the Identification of Students with High Skills in Secondary Education, both organized by the University of Murcia.

She worked as a psychologist and director of the Psychology and Education Office for 3 years. She has also specialized as an editor for online magazines on topics such as motherhood, education, babies, psychology, and parenting.

She currently works as a home psychologist. She focuses primarily on treating children, youth, and adults with educational problems, patients with cognitive disorders, family counseling and diagnosis, and psychological support.

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