8 Sports Movies for Kids

Do you want to discover some sports movies for kids and have a fun time with your children? You'll love this list.
8 Sports Movies for Kids
Mara Amor López

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Last update: 24 May, 2023

There are many varied movie themes that children can watch and have fun with. For example, they’re sure to love sports movies. Besides, they’re a way to spend time as a family. In this article, we’re going to give you a list that you can’t miss.

These movies are fun, entertaining, and give us good times. They also tell inspiring stories about the world of sports. Watching movies even helps us to feel and live closely the adventures of the main characters. Many of these films, in addition to the subject matter, always convey a lesson, whether it’s about love, friendship, or other values and emotions.

Sports movies for kids

This list of sports movies for kids can be of great help to you. For example, for those moments when you want to have a good time with your kids or simply because they ask you to watch a movie.

1. The Sandlot (1993)

This movie has become a classic and has also become one of the favorites of children of different generations. It’s a film about a group of kids who are united by their love for baseball. As they experience various adventures, they spend an unforgettable summer together. If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?

2. The Karate Kid Saga

The first three Karate Kid films introduce us to the story of Daniel Larusso (Daniel San) together with his martial arts master, Mr. Miyagi. In the first film, the boy’s the target of attacks by a group of his classmates and asks Miyagi for help to train Karate in order to defend himself. In the following films, the young man continues with his adventures and his apprenticeship in this sport discipline.

The fourth film, The Next Karate Kid, changes the protagonist. This time, the main characters are Mr. Miyagi and a teenage girl named Julie, who’s an orphan, has difficult behaviors, and lives with her grandmother. The woman, tired of her granddaughter’s behavior, decides to leave the young girl with Miyagi for a few weeks to see if he can correct her attitude. In addition to this, she becomes the target of a military discipline group, which she’ll have to face, so Miyagi teachers her Karate.

Finally, the 2010 Karate Kid film features Jaden Smith, who relocates to China with his mother. There, he learns kung fu from the building maintenance man, played by Jackie Chan, who is also a martial arts master, in order to defend himself from the school bully.

3. The Mighty Ducks (1992)

This movie tells the story of the ducks and will captivate young and old. Undoubtedly, it’ll delight any child who dreams of winning trophies and finding friends through sports.

The ducks are a group of children who are different because of their continuous defeat. However, they’ll change their story with the help of troubled lawyer Gordon Bombay. The latter will learn numerous valuable lessons from the little guys and realize that there are much more important things than just winning.

4. Little Big League (1994)

Billy Heywood, a 12-year-old boy, receives as an inheritance from his grandfather a baseball team that’s in a disastrous state. They’re called the Minnesota Twins. The young boy’s ways of managing the team clash with those of the staff, management, and coaching staff. This is a comedy that will amuse young and old alike.

More sports movies for kids

5. Rookie of the Year (1993)

This movie will inspire and amuse all kids who dream of playing for big trophies. Henry, a 12-year-old boy who, to begin with, has no talent for playing baseball, has an accident that changes things.

After suffering a broken arm, when his cast is removed, the boy is suddenly able to throw the ball at 100 miles per hour. So, a team at the bottom of the league signs him to be their star pitcher. In the end, with the help of another celebrity in the position, the youngster will achieve what seemed impossible.

6. Space Jam (1996)

This 1996 movie stars former Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan and Warner Bros. cartoon Looney Tunes. It’s a blend of live-action and cartoon magic. In it, these cute characters ask Jordan for help to play against the Monstars. Kids are sure to love the original film, as well as the 2021 film, Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James.

7. Little Giants (1994)

This is one of those sports movies that you and your kids can’t move. In this case, the sport is football, in which Danny O’Shea gathers a group of kids with little talent. Danny’s daughter is the one who leads this peculiar group of kids to face the team of her brother, Kevin.

8. The Big Green (1995)

Anna, a teacher, arrives from the UK to teach a very unmotivated group of children. She introduces them to sports by setting up a little soccer league at school. At first, they don’t know how to make a single pass or hit the ball, but, with perseverance and little by little, they manage to face the state champions.

This is another film that you can’t miss. In addition to sports, it also shows us the importance of values such as perseverance, struggle, and effort to achieve what we set out to do.

Regarding sports movies for kids

This list of sports movies for kids is a fantastic option to spend a fun afternoon with our children. Most of them, in addition to sports, give us important messages so that we all have values that make us great people.

So, if you’re bored and don’t know what you can do, here are some options that will be very entertaining. Prepare the popcorn and enjoy these movies.

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