20 Girl Names that Start With the Letter B

The names we give our children will accompany them forever. Do you want one that starts with the letter B? We'll give you some ideas of names for your future daughter.
20 Girl Names that Start With the Letter B

Last update: 03 November, 2021

Are you pregnant and want to start looking for a special name for your baby? Do you want to call it after someone you love or do you prefer something newer or with a particular meaning? You don’t know yet, but what you do have clear is that you need to know girl names that begin with the letter B. We are here to help you in this task!

Girl names that begin with the letter B

The letter B is present in most of the alphabets, so there are girl names that begin with the letter B of different origins and in all cultures. It is a consonant with a very soft sound, but with enough force to be noticed.

We have researched and put together this list of girl names that begin with the letter B, looking for their meaning and origin so that you have all the complete information. You are sure to find one that is perfect for your little one!

Listed in alphabetical order

  • Baia : Galician form of the name of Greek origin Eulalia, which means ‘well spoken’.
  • Barbara : the origin of this word dates back to the Roman Empire, when foreigners who did not speak Greek or Latin were called the word “Barbarian”. Simply, since they did not understand their language, they called them bar-bar or blah-blah, in a pejorative way and imitating the sound of stammering or stuttering.
  • Basila or Basilia : Spanish variant of the word of Greek origin Basíleios, which means ‘king or kingdom’, for women ‘princely or royal’ or representing the noble and aristocratic caste.
  • Batia or Bithiah : it is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘daughter of Yaveh’ or ‘daughter of God’.
  • Beatriz : means ‘blessed’ and derives from the Latin names Benedictrix and Beatrix, which, in turn, originate from the word beatricem, which means ‘she who gives happiness’. It is also related to the quality of beatitude, from the verb beare, which refers to the ‘happiness of the soul’, and the Latin word bendictus, which translates as ‘blessed’ in the feminine gender.
  • Becky : is of Hebrew origin and refers to a ‘knot, tie or something that connects’. It is a shortened form of Rebecca, the name of Isaac’s wife, so it is also related to the marriage union and fidelity.
  • Beitris : Scottish name variant of Latin Beatrix.
  • Bethlehem : comes from the Hebrew word Bet lechem, which names the ‘House of Bread’ and refers to the town where Jesus was born.
  • Belinha : it is a Portuguese form of Isabel that, in turn, derives from the Hebrew name Elizabeth, which means ‘the one who loves God’.
  • Benita : means ‘the blessed one’ and is related to Benedicta, which comes from the Latin word benedictus, which means ‘blessed’.
  • Bernardina : is the diminutive of Bernarda, a name of German origin that refers to ‘the one who is a warrior’. In Germanic berin means ‘bear’ and hard, ‘daring and powerful’, that is why it is related to a brave hunter to face great enemies.
  • Bess : is the abbreviation of the Hebrew name Elizabeth.
  • Beth : shortened version of Bethia, a Hebrew name meaning ‘life’. It is also used as a short form of Elizabeth.
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  • Beyoncé – the famous singer’s mother transformed her own surname into a name for her daughter. The original was Beyincé, of Creole origin and quite common in the places of French colonization in the United States. Although some assure that its pronunciation has the meaning One who is beyond others, or ‘one who is beyond others’.
  • Blanche : Germanic name that refers to ‘the white one’. “Milk white” skin was a quality of feminine beauty that was highly prized in the Middle Ages. It is also related to a ‘brilliant woman’. Its Spanish variant is Blanca, the Portuguese is Branca and the Italian Bianca.
  • Brittany : means ‘from the land of the Bretons’. The original in English is Brittany.
  • Britt : short for Bridget, an Irish name that refers to a ‘strong and powerful’ woman.
  • Bruna : the name originates from the German word brunne, which means ‘breastplate’. Although in its Latin meaning it means ‘brown skin’ or ‘dark’.
  • Brunella : Italian diminutive of Bruna.
  • Bryanna : in Spanish Briana. It is a name of English origin that means ‘strong woman’.

The challenge of choosing the ideal name for your daughter

Choosing a name for your daughter is challenging, but don’t despair! The idea is that you can choose with confidence at home. If with this pregnancy you are enlarging your family, it will be great to share with your other children the decision of the name of your new baby sister.

With this list of girl names that start with the letter B, you have enough to start and find one that will resonate in your ears like an angelic melody. That will be the signal. Pay full attention when you read our list!

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