20 Scottish Girl Names That You'll Love

Celtic and Viking people are knocking at your door with these wonderful choices of Scottish girl names. Evoke the magic of ancient legends every time you say your daughter's name.
20 Scottish Girl Names That You'll Love

Last update: 07 February, 2022

If you’ve always been in love with this beautiful nation, Then why not dare to consider some Scottish girl names for your future baby girl? Surely, you’ll be completely bewitched as soon as you discover their original meanings.

Perhaps you have heard magical legends related to these faraway lands. That’s why we suggest you delve into its formidable lakes to find the name of the future queen of your house.

Scottish names for your little girl on the way

According to an article published by the European Journal of Social Work, the term “Scotland” arose as a reference to that area where Gaelic was spoken.

Therefore, ancient Scottish names are steeped in Celtic and Viking culture, whose depth still persists in this nation.

A man playing the bagpipes in the hills of Scotland.

Scottish girl names: from A to M

  • Ailsa: a Scottish name with Viking origins. It refers to the volcanic island and gannet colony, Ailsa Craig. It emerges from the Firth of Clyde and means “supernatural victory”.
  • Beth: short for Bethia. Although it’s a Hebrew name, its variant became popular in Scotland in the 17th century due to its association with the Gaelic word beath, meaning “life”.
  • Bonnie: in Scotland, it means “pretty or charming”. It can also be rendered as Bonni or Bonny.
  • Effie: diminutive of Euphemia, which is a popular Scottish name taken from Greek. In this sense, it alludes to one who has a “good reputation”.
  • Isla: pronounced eye-la and comes from Islay, a charming island off the west coast of Scotland.
  • Leslie: means “sacred garden”.
  • Lorna: a variation of the toponym Lorne, which is a Scottish territory. Therefore, this name has been invented by the writer R.D. Blackmore for the protagonist of his novel Lorna Doole. Today, it’s also a name that enjoys popularity in the English-speaking world.
  • Marcail: a Scottish form of Margarita, meaning “pearl”. In addition, there’s also the diminutive Mai.
  • Megan: means “strong, capable”.
  • Meribeth: Scottish name that alludes to “the most beautiful”.

Scottish girls names: M to Z

  • Moibeal: can be translated as “adorable”, what all parents think of their little baby at birth.
  • Mòrag: is a Scottish version of Sarah, which alludes to the “princess” of the house.
  • Morven: this girl name appears in the poems of the Ossian cycle (legendary Gaelic warrior and bard of the 3rd century AD). In addition, it’s also a Scottish place name meaning “the breach of the sea or the great breach”.
  • Nessie: short for Agnes for one who is “pure, chaste”. What’s more, you’ll love it because it’s also the nickname given to the Loch Ness monster.
  • Nimue: from the Legend of King Arthur, Nimue was the lady of the lake who bewitched and enamored the wizard Merlin.
  • Seelie: a name of Scottish origin used to refer to good fairies.
  • Senga: the inverse of Agnes. In this sense, Senga is a traditional Scottish name that also means “pure and chaste” (although it is true that, over the years, its use has diminished).
  • Sheena: a variant of Sine (Scottish form of Jane), meaning “God is merciful”.
  • Skye: a name taken from the Isle of Skye, which is the most magical island in Scotland.
  • Yvaine: meaning “morning star”.

From the depths, Loch Ness crowns the future queen of the house with the right name

There’s no doubt that these choices respect the history of one of the most magical nations in the world, full of secrets and with a stunning geography. Along these lines, perhaps you’ve been blessed and the Loch Ness Monster has given you the answer to the great mystery: What to name your little one.

However, if none of these options have convinced you, don’t worry. You’re sure to find it elsewhere. It’s just a matter of continuing your search with inspirational listings, like the ones we have on our site. Come and discover them!

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