30 Celtic Names for Girls

Memories, ancient legends, and nature knock on your door. Get ready for this list of the most amazing Celtic names for girls.
30 Celtic Names for Girls

Last update: 20 November, 2022

Today, we’ll present you with 30 of the most beautiful Celtic names for girls. To this day, the meaning of each of them and their original story remain inspiring for any expectant mother.

In addition, through them, it’s possible to transmit to your little girl the legacy of one of the most memorable peoples with one of the deepest cultures in humanity.

Do you want to know what secrets are hidden behind these names? If so, keep reading as we reveal them to you.

Celtic names for girls

According to historians, women occupied important ranks in Celtic society, much more than what happened in Greece or Rome. In fact, several Roman writers make express mention of their skill as warriors and their formidable preparation for fighting.

Therefore, the existence of important female leaders (such as Queen Boudica of the Iceni tribe) shows that it was possible for women to occupy high positions.

If you want a name with a lot of presence for your little girl, today we’ll offer a list of the most popular Celtic names for girls. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you!

Celtic names for girls: From A to L

  • Alanna: A name with a lot of symbolism, which means “beautiful, bright”.
  • Alina: Some authors classify this option as being of Celtic origin and it means “attractive, funny”.
  • Ahslinn: Widely used in Ireland, where it means “dream” or “vision”. In fact, an aisling is a genre of Irish poetry that became very popular in the late 17th century and during the 18th century.
  • Brenda: This is also a very common choice in Ireland, as it symbolizes strength, triumph, and power. Also, it’s the feminine variant of Brand, which means “sword, fighting brilliance”.
  • Bricia: The feminine form of Bricio, which means “strong”.
  • Brigid: A goddess of Irish mythology, who represents the strength and passion of fire and poetry.
  • Caeli: Derived from Kayley, which means “narrow, thin”.
  • Eileen: One of the most beautiful Celtic names on this list. It means “beautiful like the sun” and, in addition, it has variants such as Eilena, Eilene, Eileene, or Ayleen.
  • Evelyn: A variant of Eva, which in Gaelic means “pleasant”.
  • Fiona: Means “the one with beautiful hair”.
  • Gwendolyn: Comes from Queen Gwendolyn, as detailed in an article written by Katherine Olson. This was one of the first fictional female warriors in the ancient history of Britain, immortalized by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Middle Ages (the same one who popularized the King Arthur tales). Thus, it’s believed to refers to “the one with white eyelashes”. But there are also those who think that it comes from the “sacred ring”.
  • Hazel: “Hazelnut” in Celtic. Also, it derives from the Old English word haesel.
  • Iria Means “fertile land”. Moreover, it’s the name of an ancient Galician city, Iria Flavia, located in A Coruña (Galicia).
  • Kiara: “The one with black hair”.
  • Lenora: Variant of Leonor and means “that which grows”.

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Celtic names for girls: From M to Z

  • Maeve: This is the English adaptation of the Gaelic name Medb, which means “that which makes you happy”. It comes from the Queen of Connacht in Irish mythology, who was considered a deity.
  • Meredith: Means “guardian of the sea”. However, some authors also hint that it could come from the Welsh word meredudd, which means “the great lady”.
  • Morgana: A Gaelic name for “the one who comes from the seashore” or “the queen born from the sea”.
  • Nealie: Means “the one who rules”.
  • Nia: “Glow, shine”. In fact, in mythological beliefs, Nia was a “fairy woman”.
  • Oona: In line with the previous option, this beautiful name carries the meaning “queen of the fairies”.
  • Orla: Means “goldenfairies princess”.
  • Rhiannon: She was a Welsh heroine whose name means “the great queen”.
  • Shayla: Modern form created in the 20th century and very popular in the United States. In this sense, it comes from the Gaelic variant of Cecilia and means “of the enchanted palace”.
  • Shirley: “Brilliant”.
  • Suria: This is the name of the goddess who makes water flow in Celtic mythology. In addition, Syria can also be written.
  • Treva: The feminine of Trevor, which means “great establishment”.
  • Tristana: The female form of Tristan, which comes from the Celtic name Drystan. It’s believed to be derived from the word drest, which means “uproar” or “tumult”.
  • Ula: Some authors believe that it means “jewel of the sea”, in reference to the richness of the Red Sea. However, there are others who believe that it’s a variant of Ursula, which means “strong as a bear”.
  • Yilda: Means “the one who serves God”.
A Celtic princess.

Celtic culture knocks on your door with these 30 names

With warrior women and nature lovers, the Gallic people became an inspiration to society. What’s more, love and respect for their beliefs are capable of creating a special bond.

Be inspired by these 30 Celtic names for girls and open the door to the warrior and guardian of your heart.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found the chosen name yet because there are many more stories of our ancestors that can help you in this great search. Especially if you’re a lover of culture.

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