28 Names of Aztec Origin and Their Meaning

Do you have Mexican roots? You may want to give your baby one of the names of Aztec origin that we'll present below.
28 Names of Aztec Origin and Their Meaning
Ana Couñago

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Last update: 19 November, 2022

Nahuatl is the indigenous language with the largest number of speakers in Mexico; There are approximately two million people who know and use this language today. It’s a language that holds a great history and tradition and that, in addition, is closely linked with nature. In fact, most of the proper names of Aztec origin refer to animals, plants, celestial bodies, natural phenomena, etc.

Do you want to know some of these names? Pay attention to the list that we’ll present below. This may be especially interesting to you if you live in Mexico or have Mexican roots and you want your child to be linked forever to this wonderful culture.

28 names of Aztec origin and their meaning

In the following articles, we’ll present 28 names of Aztec origin for babies, divided into two groups: 14 for girls and 14 for boys. Grab a pencil and paper and jot down your favorites!

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Aztec-inspired names for girls

  1. Auachtli: this beautiful name of Aztec origin literally means “dew”.
  2. Alotl: This Aztec name for a girl refers to a macaw, a prized bird for indigenous culture.
  3. Ameyal: this is a name that in the Nahuatl language means “spring water”. Another variant of this name is Ameyalli.
  4. Aquetzalli: This feminine name refers to “precious and crystalline water”.
  5. Cihuacoatl: means “snake woman”, an animal that symbolizes the origin of life, fertility, and health.
  6. Citlali: this is the Nahuatl way of saying “star”. It can also be seen written as Citlalí, Citlalin, or Xitlali.
  7. Donaji: means “great soul” and honors a princess from Aztec mythology with the same name.
  8. Izel: this is a name of Mexican origin whose meaning is “unique”.
  9. Malli: this is an unusual name, but with a very beautiful meaning, as it refers to the “flower of the garden”.
  10. Metztli: this is how the goddess of women and the moon is called in the mythology of Mexico. Other variants of this name are Meztli, Metzti, or Metzi.
  11. Nelli: this is a name of Aztec origin that means “truth”.
  12. Quetzalli: the meaning of this name is “precious” and it refers to a very precious bird that lives in the forests of Central America.
  13. Tonalli: refers to the Aztec goddess of the day, energy, and heat, making it a precious name for your daughter.
  14. Xanat: this is a very sweet and special name, as its literal meaning is “vanilla flower”, a spice much adored by the Aztecs for its many beneficial health properties.

Names of Aztec origin for boys

  1. Atl: this is a masculine name of Aztec origin that in the Nahuatl language means “water”.
  2. Cipactli: this is a name for children that means “caiman”, which is a very precious animal for the Aztec culture.
  3. Cuauhtzin: this is a name that in the Nahuatl language means “venerable eagle”, an animal of great importance for Mexican culture.
  4. Ehécatl: In Aztec culture, this name refers to the god of wind.
  5. Ikal: means “spirit” and shows the connection of the Aztec culture with its ancestors.
  6. Iztacoyotl: refers to the “white coyote”, an animal revered by the Aztecs.
  7. Itzmin: this is the Nahuatl way of saying “thunder”.
  8. Mixtli: in Spanish, this name can be translated as “cloud”.
  9. Ollin: in Nahuatl, this name literally means “movement” or “perpetual motion”.
  10. Painalli: according to Mexican mythology, the Painanis were emissaries of the god Painal, hence the origin of this name, whose meaning is “messenger”, “the one with quick feet” or “speedy runner”.
  11. Semeel: this is a very popular name of Astec origin for boys and it means “forest”.
  12. Tlaneci: this is a name of Aztec origin whose meaning is “dawn”.
  13. Tooko: in the Nahuatl language, this is a name that means “tiger”.
  14. Yoali: this name refers to the “night” in the Nahuatl language. It can also be seen written as Yoalli.

Why choose a baby name of Aztec origin?

There are many reasons to be proud of having Mexican roots, and one way to make this pride visible is by giving your future baby a name of Aztec origin, which represents the culture, history, and tradition of Mexico. That way, your little one will remain rooted in their people from the moment of their birth and will know where they come from.

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“A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

-Marcus Garvey-

Likewise, another of the compelling reasons to give a newborn a name in the Nahuatl language is that said language literally means “a language with a clear or pleasant sound”, as are its own names, which, in addition, transmit freshness and originality.

So, have you already chosen a name for your baby? Let us know in the comments!

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