30 Mythological Names for Girls

Here's a selection of our favorite mythological names for girls. They're so beautiful that you won't know which one to choose!
30 Mythological Names for Girls

Last update: 13 June, 2021

There are millions of girls’ names to choose from. That’s why it’s so hard for moms and dads to agree on the one that best defines their expectations for that special baby to be. Have you considered mythological names for girls? Today, we’ll tell you the stories behind our favorites.

Our favorite mythological names for girls from Classical Antiquity

1. Helen

First, the legends say that she was the most beautiful woman who existed and that, because of her, the Trojan War began. A name of Greek origin with a lot of elegance and beauty. Without a doubt, this is a wonderful name for a girl.

2. Camilla

Next, the maiden warrior of Rome, a name that means perfection. It was also the name given to the virgin huntress who helped Turnus fight Aeneas in Virgil’s Aeneid. Plus, it’s a beautiful name!

3. Minerva

A name of Etruscan origin, which is known for the Roman goddess of wisdom. A name with a lot of strength and originality. Would you give this beautiful name to your daughter?

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4. Aurora: Mythological names for girls

Aurora was the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, of Latin origin. A name with little use but very beautiful for any girl. Therefore, this name is ideal for your future baby.

5. Selene

This was the name given to the goddess representing the moon, sister of the Sun god (Helios) in Greek mythology. She was a magical woman of great and outstanding beauty. That’s why this name is precious for your daughter!

6. Aria

Originally, “Aria” was the name given to Cleocos’ daughter with Apollo. And although this word has a complicated history, nowadays, its use as a name has been vindicated thanks to characters in works of fiction (especially in the fantasy genre). It’s also a very common boy’s name in countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Iran.

It’s believed that girls who receive this name usually have a very beautiful complexion and great inner strength. What’s more, it’s also said that this name leads boys to excel in the arts.

7. Nereida: More mythological names for girls

This was the name given to the nymphs found in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a delicate name but it radiates a lot of strength and girls usually like it very much. It’s worth mentioning that the “nereids” were the fifty daughters of the god Nereus.

8. Daphne

Daphne was a beautiful nymph of the forests of Greek mythology. She was the daughter of the god of the river (Ladon), who turned her into a laurel tree to escape from the god Apollo, who fell madly in love with her and wanted to catch her so as not to lose her. It’s a flirtatious, cheerful, and graceful name.

9. Nadia

Next on our list of mythological names is Nadia. This name of Persian, Arabic, and Slavic origin means hope. It usually has several variants (depending on the area) and can also be the diminutive of names such as Nadzieja. It’s a name full of spirituality and that transmits a lot of love for the one who carries it.

10. Penelope

A name of Greek origin that the wife of Odysseus (better known as Ulysses) bore and that means weaver. It’s a very beautiful name that provides very positive virtues, such as strength, patience, and constancy. This name has been very popular in the history of mankind and many outstanding women have borne it, from actresses to thinkers.

11. Chloe: precious mythological names for girls

This is another of the most popular mythological names for girls today. It’s believed that, in Ancient Greece, its meaning was “fertile maiden”, which was associated with beauty, freshness, and vitality.

12. Aphrodite

This was the name of the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology. It’s a name that emanates grace and beauty. In this sense, this name is wonderful for your little baby on the way.

13. Isis

This name of Greek origin belonged to the Egyptian goddess of motherhood. It’s a very pretty name for a little and affectionate baby girl. What do you say to this name for your daughter?

14. Elina

A mythological name that’s related to intelligence, a name that every parent would love for their little girl. If you want your baby’s name to have to do with intelligence, then this is the name for her.

15. Calista

This name refers to the most beautiful women, so it’s perfect for your little girl. Be sure to write this name down so you don’t forget it and put it among the possible names for your little girl.

Mythological names for girls with great beauty

16. Ivy

Another of the mythological names for girls is the Anglo-Saxon version of what’s now commonly known as a very beautiful plant with bright, shiny green leaves, often cascading over surfaces. In Greek mythology, this was the name of various characters. All of them are associated with nature and its majesty.

17. Ceres: Mythological names for girls

The name of the goddess of agriculture and earth in Roman mythology. It’s believed that this name is perfect for those girls who make the world flourish around them. Therefore, it conveys a lot of vitality and joy.

18. Cyrene

A name that refers to a girl nymph, a very beautiful and original name. Therefore, this name is ideal for your baby. Add it to the list of names you love for your little treasure on the way!

19. Idylla

As in the case of “Camila”, this is a name that represents perfection. So, if you want your baby to have a name that signifies her perfection, this name is ideal for your baby.

20. Lorelei

A maiden who was turned into a mermaid in German folklore. A beautiful, original, and uncommon name…this makes it the ideal name for your baby! It’s such a beautiful name that no one will ever forget.

21. Meagan

Next on the list of mythological names for girls, this one stands out because it conveys strength, grace, creativity, and beauty. Don’t think twice about giving this name to your precious daughter.

22. Venus: amazing mythological names for girls

Name of the goddess of love in Roman mythology. She’s associated with great beauty and also with a natural ability to appreciate beauty (both inner and outer) in others. It’s considered a very delicate and romantic name.

23. Circe

This was the name of a sorceress in Greek mythology. Its meaning is “seductress”. So, the girl who carries this name will bewitch everyone. Therefore, this name is perfect!

24. Dora: mythological names for girls

This name is believed to be the abbreviation of “Pandora” the first woman created by Hephaestus and to whom the famous myth of Pandora’s box is attributed. It’s believed that this name means “the one who gives everything”. Therefore, we could infer that whoever carries this name is the bearer of many virtues. An ideal name for the best gift that life can give you.

25. Barbara

Next on our list of names, this one’s related to the barbarians of ancient Greece, so its meaning is “foreigner”. It’s also associated with people with great physical strength and unwavering determination. A name with a lot of power, no doubt.

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26. Leonor: mythological names for girls

Next, we’re going to tell you about this beautiful name that will make your daughter shine with her own brilliance, as its Breton root is believed to mean “sparkle”. Usually, this name is associated with the great Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. The origin of this name is uncertain, and it is often associated as a variant of the Greek “Helena” and the later “Eleanor”.

27. Sabrina

This name is believed to be of Celtic origin and would denote a courageous, determined, nature-loving, and down-to-earth person. In fact, it’s believed that this may have been the name of some deity associated with the river Sabrann (transcribed in modern form as “Severn”).

28. Nella

This name will captivate everyone, as it means “with its own light”. Therefore, if you choose it for your baby, you’ll know that your daughter will shine with unique light. It’s believed that this name has Latin origins.

29. Adrienne: more mythological names for girls

Next, this is the French-speaking variant of the name Adriana, which, in turn, is the feminine of “Adriano” or “Adrián”. It means “he who comes from the sea”. Generally, it has a deep and very broad meaning, as it’s associated with the Adriatic Sea. In mythology, this name appears in various forms.

30. Kassia

This was another character of Greek mythology that’s mentioned especially in the myths of the god Apollo and the turtle. A very beautiful name for girls, its meaning is that of “purity”. It’s most recognized for having been the name of a famous poetess of Constantinople.

Finally, this concludes our list of 30 mythological names for girls. We encourage you to research their stories well, as they offer a surprising and, above all, very interesting world. So, take note of the names you like the most!

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