32 Girl Names that Start with the Letter Q

Are you looking for a name for your future daughter? In this article, we'll give you a list of girl names that start with the letter Q.
32 Girl Names that Start with the Letter Q

Last update: 21 August, 2022

Are you looking for an original name for your baby? If you want a rarely heard option, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll suggest a list of girl names that start with the letter Q.

This letter is something special, as very few names start with it. Therefore, if you opt for any of them, it will definitely be unique.

Most of the names that begin with the letter Q belong to the languages of Mesoamerica, especially Nahuatl and Quechua. Although there are also others from Ireland, China, Greece, and France. In this article, we’ll give you the list, along with the origin and meaning of each name so that you can find all the inspiration you need. Shall we get started?

Girl names that start with the letter Q

When we’re expecting, there are many emotions and decisions that we have to make. Among them, is the choice of the most special name. That’s why we want to help you with this selection of alphabet-themed names. Don’t miss it!

  • Qamra/Qamara: a name of Arabic origin whose meaning is ‘moon’.
  • Qhawa: of Quechua origin, it means ‘sentinel, the one who watches’.
  • Qadira: this name is of Arabic origin and means ‘capable, powerful’.
  • Queta: this name is of Germanic origin and is the short form of Enriqueta. It comes from the name Heimerich and means ‘she who rules the home ‘.
  • Quikiusisa: another name of Quechua origin, for the ‘flower that grows between the cracks of the rocks’.
  • Queen/Quenna: this name is of English origin and means ‘queen’.
  • Queila: the name of an ancient fortified city of the tribe of Judah that was attacked. It’s of Israeli origin.
  • Querida: this is a name of Spanish origin and means ‘beloved, the desired one’.
  • Quitarah: an Arabic name, meaning ‘fragrance.’
  • Qura: of Quechua origin, it means ‘small like grass’.
  • Quiana: this name is of Hawaiian origin and it’s the variant of Diana or Kiana, which is the name of the Roman goddess of hunting.
  • Quillen: this name is used for both girls and boys. It’s of Araucanian origin and means ‘tear’.
  • Quibilah: Egyptian name meaning ‘the peaceful one’.
  • Quincey: of Irish origin, it means ‘the fifth’.
  • Quincy: this name’s a variant of the previous name so its origin and meaning are the same.
  • Qi: of Chinese origin, this name means ‘energy, wisdom’. In Chinese culture, Qi is a vital flow, which is present in all living things.
A lake in Asia.
Some Eastern cultures inspire the most beautiful and original names on this list.

More girl names that start with the letter Q

  • Quioinia: name of Greek origin, its meaning is ‘the one that is fertile’.
  • Quiteria: it can be of Latin and Greek origin, it has the meaning of ‘the one who led a people’. The one of Greek origin alludes to Cytherea, the sacred abode of the goddess Venus.
  • Qurisisa: of Quechua origin, it means ‘golden flower or gold flower’.
  • Quriurma: also of Quechua origin, it means ‘the one that spills gold in its path’.
  • Quylluriti: another name of Quechua origin, it means ‘snow star’.
  • Quyllur: of Quechua origin, its meaning is ‘dawn star’.
  • Quintilia or Quintiliana: of Latin origin, its meaning is ‘the fifth of the family ‘.
  • Queralt: is a name of Catalan origin, as it comes from the invocation of the Virgin Santa Maria de Queralt. It means ‘rock’.
  • Querima: a name of Arabic origin that represents ‘the one who’s generous’. It has a variant, which is Querina.
  • Quelidonia: this name has a Greek origin and its meaning is ‘like a swallow’. Its variant is Celedonia.
  • Qian: this female name is of Chinese origin, and although it’s very similar to Qiang, it doesn’t have the same meaning. It means ‘happy’.
  • Quetzalli: this name originates from the Nahuatl language and means ‘precious’.
  • Qiong: a feminine name of Chinese origin. Its meaning is ‘beautiful jade’ or ‘precious things’.
  • Quinby: this name originates from Scandinavia and its meaning is ‘queen status’.
  • Quela:  a diminutive of Miquela, it’s of Hebrew origin and means ‘no one like God’.
  • Qucha: of Quechua origin, its meaning is ‘sea, lagoon’.
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Your baby’s name awaits you in that place where you least expect it. Review all our listings and find the right one!

These are some of the girl names that start with the letter Q and that are all very original. If you want your girl to have a special name that has character and is very uncommon, you’ll find the one you’re looking for in this list.

Also, if you want to have more name ideas, on our site you can check other thematic listings. Don’t miss them!

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