23 Girl Names of Guarani Origin

Still don't know what you are going to name your little girl? We'll offer you a list with the best girl names of Guarani origin that will captivate you.
23 Girl Names of Guarani Origin

Last update: 09 January, 2022

Are you thinking of giving your little one a unique name that’s full of tradition and history? If so, don’t miss the following options with spectacular meanings that are linked to the original peoples of the Americas. Pay attention to the following list with the 23 best girl names of Guarani origin.

Preserving indigenous culture and history is linked to the decisions our ancestors made when naming their girls. Are you ready to find out if the answer to what to name to give the future queen of the house lies among them? Keep reading.

Names of Guarani origin for girls that will captivate you

Almost all proper names in Guarani are directly related to elements of nature (plants, animals, stars, etc.), mythological beings, and the religion of the Guarani people. In this sense, the Plurinational Electoral Body and other regional organizations in Latin America have prepared a catalog with names of Guarani origin, with the aim of preserving and knowing them better.

Based on these data, we present the following list that consists of the best options, which also point to ancient legends of strong and powerful princesses. Will you choose one for your girl?

Guarani names: From A to M

A terra cotta figurine of a indigenous South American family.
  • Amambái: refers directly to the fern plant.
  • Amaru: makes explicit reference to the rain. In this sense, it symbolizes the enormous grace that the Guarani parents felt when they found out that they were going to receive a little girl.
  • Anai: this is the diminutive of Anahi, a name of Guarani origin that refers to the flower of the ceibo.
  • Anahi: this is the traditional version that is the name of the protagonist of a legend. This story tells how the Spanish captured Princess Anahí, who fought to the end to defend her people.
  • Arami: this unisex option is quite popular. In addition, as it means “little heaven”, it symbolizes all the love that will be given to the baby when it arrives.
  • Arandu: semantically, Arandu can be translated as “wise”.
  • Chandei: this is a very old name to define the little girl who will be “hospitable”.
  • Guaci: another princess who fought against the Spanish conquerors went by this name. According to legend, this one was so beautiful and powerful that more than one adventurer fell in love with her. What’s more, her loyalty led her to choose to jump into the ocean from a cliff before falling into the hands of the enemy.
  • Iracema: means “the come out of the honey of bees”. In other words, it refers directly to the sweetness of the girl.
  • Irupé: refers to the aquatic plant of the same name.
  • Itatí: means “white stone”. As history reflects, Itatí comes from the Marian invocation of the virgin of the city. Therefore, it’s a name with a lot of spirituality, perfect for parents of faith.

Names of Guaraní origin: From N to Z

  • Jacaranda: refers to a subtropical tree that’s cultivated especially for its beautiful violet flowers.
  • Jara: it’s likely to be a diminutive suffix. That’s to say, it could refer to the “little one” of your house.
  • Jeruti: means “dove”.
  • Ka’akupe: could be translated as “behind the jungle”. In addition, as data from the Secretariat of Language Policies of Panama corroborates, it refers to the Virgin of Caacupé.
  • Kerana: refers to the “goddess of sleep2 to define a little girl who’s a good sleeper.
  • Ñambi: refers to the “healing herb”.
  • Pacholi: this is the name of a very recognized flower in these lands which is venerated by the Guarani parents.
  • Panambi: means “butterfly”.
  • Tabaré: a name derived from the indigenous voice Taba-re, whose meaning refers to the “she who lives far from the town”.
  • Yara: along with Tabaré, Iracema, and Jacaranda, it’s one of the few names of Tupi origin that have been preserved to this day. In regard to its etymological origin, it means “lady”.
  • Yeruti: refers to the “turtledove”.
  • Ysapy: refers to the one who symbolizes the “morning dew”.
Purple flowers on a jacarandá tree.

Girl names of Guarani origin, perfect options for parents who are still looking for the right name

The UN General Assembly agreed to declare 2019 as the “International Year of Indigenous Languages“. This is due to the constant loss of languages and the urgent need to work on the recovery, revitalization, conservation, and promotion of this heritage.

Contemporary parents are also involved with this purpose and empathize with their ancestors, who chose the names of their children based on their beliefs and traditions. For this reason, this way of reliving the story can captivate those who still don’t know what to call their babies. How about you? Have any of these options touched your heart? Let us know in the comment section!

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