34 Boy Names that Start with the Letter S

If you're pregnant and need inspiration regarding what to name your baby, check out these boy names that start with the letter S.
34 Boy Names that Start with the Letter S

Last update: 06 April, 2022

After finding out that you’re going to be a mom, one of the most exciting moments is finding the right name for the baby. As we know that this task isn’t at all easy, we’ve set out to help you with this list of boy names that start with the letter S.

Some parents look for inspiration in a specific letter of the alphabet and if this is your case, you’ll surely find many appealing alternatives in this consonant.

Boy names that start with the letter S

Short names, compound names, names inspired by a favorite series or characters from literature… On our site, there are listings to satisfy every taste!

If you feel a special love for the letter S, we offer you a complete list of names along with their meaning and their origin so that you can decide on the best one. When you find one that you like, test how it sounds with your baby’s last name and make sure it’s easy to pronounce. After all, your child will bear it throughout his life.

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The name of your child is the first gift you give them in life.

Names that start with the letter S in alphabetical order

Sabino: a name of Latin origin that refers to the people of the Sabines.

Sacha: a Russian name used as an abbreviation for Alexander. In some countries, it may be unisex.

Said: a name of Arabic origin that translates as ‘lucky’.

Salvador: this is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘God is salvation’.

Sam: this is the diminutive version of Samuel and of Samson, which means ‘son of the sun’ in Hebrew.

Sami: a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘the name of God’. It’s also used as a diminutive of other names, such as Samuel or Samantha.

Samir: a name of Arabic origin that means ‘pleasant companion’.

Samuel: this name is also of Hebrew origin and translates as ‘the one chosen by God’.

Sander: a name that comes from Greek and means ‘protector’. It comes from Alexander.

Sandro: another of the derivatives of Alexander.

Santiago: this is the Spanish variant of Jacob. Its meaning in Hebrew is ‘supported by the heel’.

Saul: this is also of Hebrew origin and means ‘the one chosen by God’.

Sean: this is the Irish variant of Jehan, which comes from Juan. In Hebrew, it means ‘God is merciful’.

Sebastian: a name of Greek origin that means ‘venerable’.

Seldon: this name is the French variant of the Anglo-Saxon Sheldon, which is used to name the one who comes ‘from the cornice’.

Selim: a name of Arabic origin that translates as ‘the peacemaker’.

Shem: a name of Hebrew origin that translates as ‘name’.

Sergio: a name of Latin origin, which comes from the word servo, ‘guardian, servant’.

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Have you opted for any of these names? If not, don’t worry… there are many more to choose from!

Names for your baby

Seth: This is a name of Egyptian origin and is the variant of Suty, who is the god of darkness. Others say that it’s a Hebrew name that refers to the son of Adam, born after the death of Abel.

Shaquil: is an Arabic name that means ‘beautifully shaped’.

Shem: this is a name of Hebrew origin and its meaning is ‘fame’.

Silas: a name of Latin origin and a variant of the name Silvano, which means ‘wild’.

Silvino: a name from Latin, which is the masculine variant of Silvia. It means ‘forest’.

Silvio: another of the variants of Silvia.

Simon: a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘the one who listens’.

Synesius: This is a Greek name meaning ‘clever’.

Sinuhe: a name of Egyptian origin that’s used to denominate the ‘song to peace’. Do you know the story of Sinuhe?

Sira: a name of Persian origin that means ‘sun’.

Siro: this name is of Latin origin, although there are those who claim that it comes from Greek. It could mean ‘ardent’, according to the latter origin.

Soren: this name is of French origin and is the word used to refer to brown people.

Stefano: this is the Italian variant of the Greek name of Esteban. It means ‘crowned with laurel’.

Sudi: this is also a name of Egyptian origin and means ‘lucky’.

Sullivan: this name is of Irish origin and means ‘little dark-eyed boy’.

Sven: a boy’s name of Scandinavian origin, whose meaning is ‘young man’.

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Your child will be the best of inspirations. Think about him and discover the ideal name to give him.

These are some of the boy names that begin with the letter S. They all seem precious to us and surely you’ve found what you were looking for. If you need more inspiration, be sure to browse our site!

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