41 Boy Names Beginning with the Letter M

Search this selection of boy names beginning with the letter M to find the best one for your baby. We'll help you start now!
41 Boy Names Beginning with the Letter M
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

You already know you’re expecting a boy! So, what are you going to name him? Start now with this very special search, for which you already know that you’re going to look for boy names starting with the letter M, which is your favorite letter!

To make your job easier and to give you many options, we’ve put together a list for you to review as you prefer, alone or with your family. You even have apps that can help you with this quest.

Boy names that begin with the letter M.

If you already have children, it’s a nice idea to share the search with them and make them participate in this important choice.

Let’s start now!

Boy names that begin with the letter M

The letter M is a consonant whose shape derives from a graphism that represented the waves of the sea, the first hieroglyphs that had a figure of waves ♒.

When the letter was born, it was called mym and represented the moving waters. Later, it was transformed into different languages with other names such as the Greek letter mi, the Arabic letter mim, and the Hebrew mem, until it evolved to the Latin M that we know today.

The names of children beginning with the letter M are many and of diverse origins. There are modern and classic names, rare and common names, and that’s why we made this small selection with several of them for you to find the right one. The one that sounds sweet and harmonious to your ears. Which one will it be?

Alphabetical list

  • Mack: a name of Gaelic origin meaning “the son”.
  • Madden: of Celtic origin, it means “little dog”.
  • Maikel: derived from the English Michael and the Hebrew Michael, which means “Who is like Him?”
  • Mainque: in the Mapuche language, it means “condor”.
  • Malaquías: a name of biblical origin whose translation is “the angel messenger of God”.
  • Malco: of Hebrew origin, it means “he’s like a king”.
  • Mampu: Araucanian name meaning “caress”.
  • Manu: in the Sanskrit language, it comes from manas, which means “mind”.
  • Manuel: of Hebrew origin, it means “God is with us” and comes from the word inmanu-El .
  • Manzur: one of the 99 names of Allah. It comes from the Arabic al-asmaul hhussna and translates as “the conqueror”.
  • Marc: the Welsh version of Mark.
  • Martial: a variant of Mark.
  • Marcellus: from the Latin Marcellus.
  • Marcos: Latin masculine name related to Mars, the Roman god of war.
  • Marino: from the Latin marinus, “he who loves the sea”.
  • Mario: a Latin name meaning “handsome man”.
  • Martin: means “warrior man”.
  • Masud: of Egyptian origin, it means “luck”.
  • Matthew: means “gift of God” and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Mateo: the Spanish form of Matthew.
  • Matías: the Spanish version of Matthias, a name of Hebrew origin.
  • Mauro: means “Moor”.
  • Max: an abbreviation of Maximiliano.
  • Maximilian: refers to the greatest male of the gens Emilia, a family of the Roman Empire.
  • Maximus: from Latin Maximus, meaning “The Greatest”.
  • Melchior: is the name of one of the 3 Wise Men.
  • Mikel: Basque version of Miguel.
  • Mikizli: from Nahualt origin, meaning “rest after work”.
  • Millard: French name meaning “strong”.
  • Milton: of English origin, “he who comes from the mill town”.
  • Minkah: a n Egyptian name meaning “justice”.
  • Mirko: of Slavic origin.
  • Miroslaw: a Polish name meaning “peace and glory”.
  • Miroslav: the Slavic form of Miroslaw.
  • Misael: from the Hebrew mi-ka-el Who like El?
  • Mishenka: the Russian form of Michael.
  • Moses: from the Hebrew moseh: “saved from the waters”.
  • Montano: from the Latin mons meaning “mountain”.
  • Morgan: of Celtic origin, it means “man of the sea”.
  • Munir: an Egyptian name meaning “source of light”.
  • Mustafa: means “the chosen one”.

Other options to choose your baby’s name

There are thousands of alternatives when it comes to choosing names. There are thematic lists (historical, related to nature, geography, movies, food, and many more), and you can also search by letter or according to different origins, such as Welsh, Catalan, Roman names, etc.

In any case, choosing your child’s name is a task that will take time, so start as soon as possible!

Remember that this is a very special moment and the objective of this process is to give your child something so important that it will mark his identity and, together with the family name, will accompany him forever.

The proper name is the one that marks individuality; the family name, social relationships.

Angel Ganivet, Spanish writer (1865-1898)

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If you’ve already decided on the option of the letter M, we recommend that you mark the options you like the most and consult with your family to see what others think of them. A fun idea is to take a vote at home!

But if you’ve already decided to choose from this list some of the boy names that begin with the letter M, follow your instincts. They won’t fail you and you’ll make the right choice for your baby!

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