39 Boy Names that Start with the Letter U

If you're pregnant and don't know what you're going to call your little one, don't miss out on these boy names that start with the letter U.
39 Boy Names that Start with the Letter U

Last update: 13 April, 2022

If you’re expecting a baby, the first thing we want to do is congratulate you! Surely you’re excited and have a lot of things on your mind, right? Therefore, we want to help you with some ideas when it comes to choosing the right name for your little one. We’re going to share with you boy names that start with the letter U.

This is the last vowel in the alphabet and probably the most unique when it comes to names. We’ve found many beautiful options that highlight it, so get out your notebook to jot down your favorites and discuss them with your family.

Boy names that start with the letter U

We thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the most beautiful names that begin with the letter U. We’ll also tell you the meaning of each one so that you can decide if you think it’s the right name for your child. Try combining it with their last name and see how it sounds.

We know that between visits to the doctor, creating your birth plan, and the other preparations, you can feel quite overwhelmed. So let us help you! In the following list, you may just find the name of your dreams.

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Review the names that most impact you and discuss them with family and friends.

Names that start with the letter U in alphabetical order

  • Uaid: name of Germanic origin meaning ‘strength’. What’s more, it’s the Irish version of the name Walter.
  • Uakusi: a name of Purépecha origin (Mexico) that means ‘eagle’.
  • Ualtar: this is a name of Irish origin whose meaning is ‘fighter’.
  • Ubay: this is a Guanche name (Spain) whose meaning is unknown.
  • Ucal: this is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘powerful’.
  • Ucamari: this is also an indigenous name, Quechua (South America) on this occasion. It means ‘having the strength of a bear’.
  • Uday: a name of Hindu origin that means ‘increase’.
  • Udo: this is a unisex name of Nigerian origin and means ‘peace’.
  • Ueman: it is a curious name of Nahuatl origin (Aztec) that means ‘venerable time’.
  • Ugaiz: this name is of Basque origin and its meaning is ‘river with a great flow’.
  • Ugo: an Italian variant of the name Hugo, which is of Germanic origin. It means ‘intelligent man’.
  • Ulan: the Scottish variant of Valentine. It means ‘strong and healthy’.
  • Ulf: a variant of the Norse name, Ulfur.
  • Ulfur: an old name of Icelandic origin meaning ‘wolf’.
  • Odysseus: a name of Greek origin meaning ‘courage’.
  • Ull: a name of Norwegian origin that refers to the ‘god of hunting’, the adopted son of Thor.
  • Ulmer: a name of Norwegian origin that means ‘famous wolf’.
  • Ulrich: this is a Germanic name that means “rich or powerful”.
  • Ulrich: a name of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘rich governor’.
  • Umar: a pretty name of Arabic origin meaning ‘builder’.
  • Umberto: a variant of Umberto, this is a name of Germanic origin and means ‘bright as a bear’.
  • Umi: a name of Egyptian origin that means ‘life’. There are those who say that it’s of Japanese origin and that its meaning is ‘sea’.
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More names for your baby boy that start with the letter U

  • Unai: a name of Basque origin, used for boys and girls, whose meaning is ‘cow herder’.
  • Unax: a form of Unai used in some places in Navarra, Spain.
  • Uner: a name of Turkish origin that means ‘famous’.
  • Ungus: this name is of Irish origin and means ‘the vigorous one’.
  • Unkas: this name traces back to the Native American Mohegan tribe and means ‘fox’.
  • Uni: This is a name of Norwegian origin and means ‘Danish’.
  • Ur: this name has an Egyptian origin and means ‘greatness’.
  • Uranus: a name that gives rise to a planet and is of Greek origin. It means ‘he who comes from heaven’.
  • Urdax: this is also a Basque name and its meaning is not known.
  • Uriel: is of Hebrew origin and is considered a variant of Uri.
  • Urko: this name is also of Basque origin and refers to a mountain with the same name in Guipúzcoa.
  • Urtats: a name that refers to the first day of the year in Basque mythology.
  • Usher: a name of English origin that means the ‘mouth of the river’.
  • Usqo: a name that means ‘wildcat’ in Quechua.
  • Usuy: this name is also of Quechua origin and means ‘the one who brings abundance’.
  • Uxmal: a name of Mayan origin that refers to an ancient city located in Yucatan.
  • Uzi: a Hebrew variant of the name Usi, of Egyptian origin.

Say hello to your baby’s name

These are some of the most beautiful boy names that start with the letter U that we’ve found. Do you already know what you’re going to name your little one? If not, take a look at any of our lists for more inspiration.

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