200 Norwegian Names for Boys

Looking for the most beautiful Nordic name for your baby? Here, you'll find the most complete selection of Norwegian names for boys.
200 Norwegian Names for Boys
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 03 October, 2022

Norwegian names for boys relate to themes from Norse mythology, war, and nature. In general, they are short, easy to pronounce and last but not least, they come from one of the happiest countries in the world!

We invite you to meet them!

Selection of Norwegian names for boys in alphabetical order

If your baby is on the way and you have not decided on a name yet, pay attention to our list perfectly chosen for you.

Norwegian names for boys, from A to D

  • Aegir: Norse god of the ocean and storms.
  • Åge: means “ancestor”.
  • Agnar: name of a warrior from Norse mythology.
  • Aksel: means “peace”.
  • Aleksander: Norwegian form of Alexander.
  • Alex: short for Aleksander.
  • Alf: means “friend of the elves”.
  • Alv: means “elf'”.
  • Andor: refers to the “eagle”.
  • Andres: it means “brave”.
  • Ansgar: refers to “the spear of god”.
  • Arild: means “battle commander”.
  • Arkyn: the “son of the eternal king”.
  • Asbjørn: means “god of bears”.
  • Asger: means “the spear of God”.
  • Asmund: means “protection of the gods”.
  • Baard: variant of Bard.
  • Bard: From Old Norse, it translates as “peace”.
  • Balder: Norse god of light.
  • Baldur: means “prince”.
  • Birger: refers to “the one who helps”.
  • Bo: means “live”.
  • Bjarni: form of Bjorn.
  • Bjarte: means “brilliant man”.
  • Bjørn: means “bear”.
  • Brandt: it means “sword”.
  • Bragi: name of the god of poetry.
  • Brynjar: means “warrior in armor”.
  • Canute: it’s the synonym of “knot”.
  • Carr: means “swamp”.
  • Casper: Scandinavian variant of Jasper or Gaspar.
  • Christen: of Latin origin, it means “the one who follows Christ”.
  • Colborn: means “burning coals”.
  • Colby: means “dark city”.
  • Cuyler: refers to the “warrior with a bow” or “archer”.
  • Dag: means “day”. Ideal for children who are born with the first rays of the sun.
  • Dagr: name of the Norse god of the day.
  • Darby: It is the “place for deer”.
  • Delling: means “dawn” or “shining”.
  • Destin: means “decided”.
  • Dustin: it means “Thor’s stone”.
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Names from E to G

  • Ebbe: means “wild boar”.
  • Edvard: Norwegian variant of the English name Edward.
  • Edvin: Norwegian form of Edwin.
  • Egil: means “respect”.
  • Einar: means “lone warrior”.
  • Eirik: variant of Eric, the “king forever”.
  • Eivor: means “good luck”.
  • Elijah: means “the Lord is my God”.
  • Eluf: means “only child”.
  • Enok: means “dedicated”.
  • Erlend: means “foreigner”.
  • Erland: variant of Erlend.
  • Erling: refers to the “son of the clan chief”.
  • Even: means “winner”.
  • Eivind; variation of Even.
  • Fell: means mountains.
  • Fenrir: means “giant wolf”.
  • Filip: means “horse lover”.
  • Fiske: means “fish”.
  • Folke: means “of the people”.
  • Forseti: name of the Norse god of justice.
  • Frans: form of Francis.
  • Fredrik: Norwegian version of Frederick.
  • Freyr: name of the god of the harvest, rain, and fertility.
  • Fritjof: means “peace”.
  • Frode: refers to the “wise man”.
  • Garth: means “closed space”.
  • Gaute: means “people from Sweden”.
  • Geir: means “with a spear”.
  • Georg: means “farmer”.
  • Gjurd: Norwegian variation of Godfrey.
  • Goran: means “mountain man”.
  • Gorm: means “attentive”.
  • Gregers: form of the English Gregory.
  • Gudbrand: refers to the “divine sword”.
  • Gudmund: it means “God protects me”.
  • Gulbrand: form of Gudbrand.
  • Gunnar: means “battle”.
  • Gunne: short for Gunnar.
  • Gustaf: form of the Swedish Gustav.

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Listed from H to K

  • Haavard: means “the highest guardian”.
  • Hafdan: means “half Danish”.
  • Håkon: means “the eldest son”.
  • Haldor: means ‘“Rock of Thor”.
  • Halstein: means “rock”.
  • Halvard: means “defender of the earth”.
  • Halvor: variant of Halvard.
  • Hans: means “God is merciful”.
  • Harald: means “military power”.
  • Hati: means “golden”.
  • Havard: means “protector”.
  • Heimdall: name of the guardian of the gods.
  • Hemming: means “changing forms”.
  • Henrik: Norwegian form of Henry.
  • Herleif: means “descendant of warriors”.
  • Herman: means “soldier”.
  • Hod: name of the Scandinavian god of the night.
  • Hoder: means “battle”.
  • Holger: it means “island of spears”.
  • Ingmar: means “famous”.
  • Ingvar: form of Ingmar.
  • Ingolf: means “wolf”.
  • Isak: Norwegian variant of Isaac.
  • Ivar: refers to the “bow warrior”.
  • Jakob: derived from the biblical name Jacobo.
  • Jarle: means “noble”.
  • Johannes: Norwegian variant of John.
  • Johan: short for Johannes.
  • Jorg: short for George.
  • Jørgen: a form of George.
  • Jorn: short for George.
  • Kåre: means “curves”.
  • Karl: means “free man”.
  • Kasper: variation of Casper.
  • Kennet: it means “beautiful”.
  • Kjell: It is a variant of Kettil.
  • Kettil: means “big pot”.
  • Kirk: means “church”.
  • Kirkland: It is the “land of the church”.
  • Knut: form of Canute.
  • Kristian: from the Latin Christianus, follower of Christ.
  • Kristoffer: means “the one who carries Christ in his heart”.
  • Kory: Norwegian form of Corey.
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Norwegian names for boys listed from L to R

  • Lasse: means “crowned with laurels”.
  • Laurits: Norwegian form of Laurence.
  • Leif: means “ancestor”.
  • Loki: name of the god of chaos.
  • Ludvig: means “famous warrior”.
  • Lukas: means “from Lucania”.
  • Magne: variation of Magnus.
  • Magnus: means “powerful”.
  • Mats: Norwegian variation for Mateo.
  • Meili: name of the god of travel.
  • Mikkel: form of the Hebrew name Miguel.
  • Mimir: name of the god of knowledge.
  • Mjolnir: means ‘Thor’s hammer”.
  • Nicholas: means “victory of the people”.
  • Niklas: variant of Greek Nicholas.
  • Nikolai: form of Nicholas.
  • Nils: short for Nicholas.
  • Njal: means “giant”.
  • Njord: name of the Norse God of the sea.
  • Oddmund: refers to the “protective sword”.
  • Odin: name of the most important god in Norse mythology.
  • Olaf: means “descendant”.
  • Olav: variant of Olaf.
  • Olsen: is the son of Olaf.
  • Oluf: means “relic”.
  • Oskar: Norwegian form of the English name Oscar.
  • Osmond: means “divine protection”.
  • Osvald: Norwegian form of the English name Oswald.
  • Ove: means “protected by God”.
  • Pål: means “humble”.
  • Peder: means “rock”.
  • Per: Nordic variant of Peter.
  • Ponto: Norwegian version of Pontius.
  • Ragnar: means “advisor to the army”.
  • Ralph: means “wise as a wolf”.
  • Randolph: means “shield”.
  • Rangvald: means “powerful”.
  • Rasmus: Norwegian form of Erasmus.
  • Reidar: means “home”.
  • Roald: means “famous ruler”.
  • Rolf: means “legendary wolf”.
  • Ronald: means “wise ruler”.
  • Ruben: Equivalent to Reuben.
  • Rutger: It means “famous spear”.

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Listed from S to Z

  • Sigmund: means “protector”.
  • Sigurd: means “the one who guides the victory”.
  • Skoll: means “health”.
  • Sondre: means “south”.
  • Ståle: means “steel”.
  • Stefan: Scandinavian version of Esteban.
  • Sttefen: Stefan’s form.
  • Stigr: means “route”.
  • Svante: short for Svantepolk.
  • Sveinn: means “young man”.
  • Sverre: refers to “the wild”.
  • Thomas: Of Hebrew origin, meaning “twin”.
  • Thor: name of the god of thunder in Scandinavian mythology.
  • Tom: short for Thomas.
  • Tommy: diminutive of Thomas.
  • Tor: modern form of Thor.
  • Tore: means “warrior of thunder”.
  • Torgeir: means the “Spear of Thor”.
  • Torleif: means “the son of Thor”.
  • Torbjorn: means “Thor’s bear”.
  • Torvald: means “the empire of Thor”.
  • Trygve: refers to who is “trustworthy”.
  • Tyr: name of the god of justice.
  • Ulf: it means “wolf”.
  • Ullr: name of the Norse god of hunting and skiing.
  • Ulrik: Norwegian form of Ulrich.
  • Valter: A Norwegian variant of Walter.
  • Varg: means “wolf”.
  • Ve: name of the god of creation, brother of Odin.
  • Viggo: means “battle”.
  • Vili: name of the god of ingenuity.

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