46 Girl Names that Start with the Letter I

We have more inspiration for you. If you still can't decide what to name your baby, check out these girl names that start with the letter I.
46 Girl Names that Start with the Letter I

Last update: 14 April, 2022

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! You’re about to live one of the most important moments of your life. We know that right now, your head will go a thousand miles an hour with so much to do. So let us help you! And if you still don’t know what you’re going to call your little girl, take a look at these suggestions for girl names that start with the letter I.

We’ll bring you a list of beautiful names and we’ll tell you what their meaning is and where each one comes from. Therefore, you’ll be able to get an idea of how it sounds with the last name and visualize your daughter when you pronounce the chosen one.

The perfect name for your baby!

We know that right now, you’ll be absorbed by all the preparations that you have to do to receive your little one. Surely you can’t stop imagining what her little face will be like and how much you want to hold her in your arms.

Until that moment arrives, allow yourself to fantasize about a future by their side. Do you already know what you’re going to call her? If you haven’t decided yet, we’d like to give you some ideas with these girl names that start with the letter I.

We’ve made a list with a lot of options. Some are inspired by mythology, others by literature, and there are also those linked to different cultures. Shall we take a look?

A mother kissing her newborn baby girl's hand.
Dream of this unique moment with your daughter and the right name will magically come to mind.

Girl names that start with the letter I

Ia: of Cornish origin, it was the name of an Irish princess.

Iana: a variant of Jana or Hannah. It means ‘God is merciful’.

Ida: a name of German origin that means ‘worker’.

Idalia: a name of Greek origin and means ‘here the sun’.

Idara: a name of Latin origin, for ‘she who is farsighted’.

Idra: a name of Aramaic origin it means ‘fig tree’.

Idris: a unisex name of Welsh origin, although it means ‘sir’.

Ikerne: the feminine equivalent of the Basque name Íker. It means ‘visitation’.

Ilana: this is also a name of Hebrew origin, it means ‘oak’.

Ilda: a variant of Hilda. It’s of German origin and symbolizes the ‘warrior woman’.

Ilena: a variant of Elena, whose origin is Greek and means ‘the one that burns or shines’.

Ilisa: a name of Hebrew origin, which represents the ‘great happiness’.

Ilma: a name of Finnish origin that means ‘air’.

Ilo: a beautiful name of Finnish origin that means ‘joy’.

Iluka: of Australian aboriginal origin, it means ‘by the sea’.

Ilse: a German and Dutch diminutive of Elizabeth.

Iluntze: this is also a name of Basque origin that means ‘sunset, nightfall’.

Ima: a name of Japanese origin that means ‘now’.

Imala: is of Native American origin and means ‘strong-minded’.

Iman: a name of Arabic origin that means ‘faith’.

Imara: a beautiful name of Swahili origin, which represents what is ‘firm’, just like the unconditional love you’ll feel for your daughter.

Imelda: of German origin, it means ‘great battle’.

Imena: a name of African origin, it means “dream or faith’.

Imogen: a name of Celtic origin, it means ‘maiden’.

Inara: this is also a name of Arabic origin. It means ‘bright light’.

India: comes from the Sanskrit indus, which means ‘river of great flow’.

Indira: this name is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘beauty’.

Inés: a beautiful name of Greek origin that means ‘chaste’.

Ingrid: another name of Scandinavian origin, it means ‘beautiful’.

Iola: this is also a name of Greek origin to describe the color ‘violet’.

Iolani: of Hawaiian origin, this name means ‘royal falcon’.

Iraida: comes from Hera, the name of the Greek goddess of marriage and spring.

Names for your daughter

Irati: a name of Basque origin, it means ‘fern field’.

Irene: another name of Greek origin, means ‘peace’.

Iria: a diminutive of Irene.

Irma: this is also a name of German origin, which means ‘universal’.

Irune: this is the Basque equivalent of Trinidad.

Isabel: means ‘promise of God’.

Isadora: of Greek origin, this is the ‘gift of Isis’.

Ishtar: she was the Babylonian goddess of love, beauty, life, and fertility.

Isis: a Greek name of a goddess in Egyptian mythology.

Iskra: a name of Slavic origin that means ‘spark’.

Island: a name of Scottish origin whose meaning is ‘the queen of the Hebrides’. It’s an extensive archipelago located on the west coast of Scotland.

Isolde: this is a name of Welsh origin whose meaning is ‘ruler of ice’.

Itziar: a name of Basque origin formed by iz, which is ‘sea’; i, which means ‘point’ and ar, ‘on top’. Its translation would be ‘steep height that looks at the sea’.

Ivette: of French origin, it means ‘yew tree’.

A mother and her toddler daughter rubbing noses with one another.
Think about what her little face will be like and listen to how that name you’ve imagined for her resonates.

Have you found what you’re looking for? Surely among all these girl names that begin with the letter I is the one that has made you smile.

See how it looks with your last name, imagine it, and make a decision. Think about what you’ll call her for the rest of her life.

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