53 Names of Assyrian Origin for Boys

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53 Names of Assyrian Origin for Boys
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

If you’re going to have a baby and are looking for a name that stands out from the rest, check out this selection of names of Assyrian origin for boys. They’re old, original, unique, and you’re going to love them!

The Assyrian civilization conquered the region of Mesopotamia, known as “the fertile crescent.” The name of the empire comes from the city of Assur, one of its capitals, although Assur is also the name of one of the main gods of Mesopotamian mythology.

The so-called “culture between rivers” is actually the history of a great variety of peoples who settled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, during the years 3500 and 2800 BC and whose rule extended until the arrival of the Persians, in 550 BC.

In this history of conquests in the Mesopotamian territory, the Assyrians were the first people from the Near East to adopt Christianity, which is why their history and their imprint are so particular. Among their names, we’ll find kings, gods, and also words connected with the Bible.

This is a very interesting option to choose how to name a very special baby. So, we did a little research and put together our list of names of Assyrian origin for boys. Let’s go!

Listed in alphabetical order from A to G

Assyrian art.
  • Adasi: an Assyrian king from 1718 to 1699 BC
  • Aho: means “brother”.
  • Ahrun: an Assyrian form of Abraham.
  • Ammanuel: an Assyrian variant of Emmanuel.
  • An: the name of the Assyrian sky god.
  • Ashur: variant of Assur.
  • Assur: the name of the most important god of the Assyrians.
  • Assurbanipal: the last Assyrian king. His name is of Akkadian origin Aššur-bāni-apli and means “Assur is the creator of his heir”.
  • Asu: means “the east”.
  • Baaz: means “hawk”.
  • Baltasar: means “protected by God”.
  • Bartulme: the Assyrian form of Bartholomew.
  • Batnaya: means “mud house”.
  • Belu-bani: an Assyrian king (1700-1691 BC).
  • Cheikho: an Assyrian variant of the Arabic word sheik, which translates as “the chief”.
  • Daniyel: the Assyrian form of Daniel.
  • Eesho: means “son of God”, in Assyrian.
  • Eliyah: means “my god is Yahveh”.
  • Emesh: the god of agriculture.
  • Enki: the god of water, creation, and fertility. He also has dominion over the earth.
  • Enkimdu: the god in charge of the canals and dikes.
  • Enlil: Mesopotamian deity of the air.
  • Eshai: means “God exists”.
  • Dummuzi: the name of the demigod in charge of the stables.
  • Gabbara: this name means “big”.
  • Gewargis: a variant of George.
  • Goriel: The Assyrian translation of Gabriel. It also means “God is my strength”.

Names of Assyrian origin for boys listed in alphabetical order from H to Z

  • Hadad: the god of the weather.
  • Hammurabi: one of the most important kings of the Assyrian Empire.
  • Iskhaq: a form of Isaiah.
  • Ishaia: means “God is my salvation”.
  • Ishkur: the god of the winds.
  • Issavi: means “Christians”.
  • Luqa: means “light”.
  • Khoshaba: means “Sunday”.
  • Kur: literally means “mountain” or “land”.
  • Malko: means “king”.
  • Malkuno: this name means “little prince”. A beautiful name of Assyrian origin for boys!
  • Nabu: the patron god of scribes.
  • Nahro: means “river”.
  • Palkha: means “soldier”.
  • Rabbu: means “the Almighty”.
  • Rume: means “high”.
  • Shalmaneser: the name of five kings of the Assyrians.
  • Sargon: the name of the king of Assyria (722 – 705 BC).
  • Shalimoon: means “peace”.
  • Shimokeen: means “man of good reputation”.
  • Sennacherib: the name of a powerful Assyrian king (705-681 BC). It comes from the Akkadian Śïn-ahhe-eriba which means “Sin has replaced my (lost) brothers with me”.
  • Shamash: the name of the god of justice and the sun.
  • Tiglath: the name of one of the most important kings of Assyria.
  • Touma: the Assyrian form of Thomas.
  • Ukubu: means “reward”.
  • Uras: this is the name of the god of light.

Names of Assyrian origin for boys: Rare and original

Acient Assyrian architecture.

Mesopotamia was a territory where various civilizations and empires arose, developed, and had their fall. Some of them are the Akkadians, the Sumerians, the Assyrians, and the Babylonians.

As for the names of Assyrian origin for boys, most of them are of kings, gods, demigods, or mythological characters. You’ll have verified that they’re all really original options and worthy of adding to the list of rare names!

In case they haven’t convinced you, don’t worry! We have more. We suggest you look at other themes, such as names inspired by geography or perhaps names of historical figures for children.

The important thing is that you find that magic word that will accompany your child all their life and that will be your first gift for them.

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