28 Rare But Beautiful Baby Girl Names

If any of these beautiful baby girl names make you fall in love with them, they'll stop sounding strange and become music to your ears.
28 Rare But Beautiful Baby Girl Names

Last update: 07 September, 2021

More and more often, parents are looking to choose original names for their babies. But in addition to being unusual, these must be harmonious and easy to pronounce. Are you ready to follow this trend? We want to invite you to get to know a list of rare but beautiful baby girl names. Let’s start now!

Rare and very beautiful baby girl names

In the list below, you’ll discover rare names with their origin and meaning so that you can choose the one that best identifies your little girl.

From A to D

Let’s start looking at the first letters of the alphabet. Don’t miss the following selection:

  • April, Avril, or Abríl: These variations of the same name from the Latin expression aprilis, meaning “open”. It refers to the month in which flowering occurs in the northern hemisphere.
  • Adamaris: A name of Germanic origin, meaning “noble and elegant”.
  • Ailén: In the Mapuche language (Southern South America), this name means “ember”.
  • Agot: The Norwegian form of Agatha, a Greek name referring to “someone with a good heart”.
  • Becca: A diminutive of Rebecca, a Hebrew name derived from Rivka and meaning “captivating”.
  • Brisa: A variant of Briseida. In Spanish, it means “breeze”.
  • Briseida: A name of Greek origin connected with the ancient word briseis and with the goddess Venus of the wind. It’s also a character in The Iliad, Homer’s masterpiece. If you like names inspired by literature, this can be a great choice.
  • Caitriona: A Scottish and Irish variation of Katherine.
  • Calanthe: A Greek name used for an orchid species. If you like strange and beautiful flowers, this is a great name for your daughter!
  • Delphina: The feminine form of the Greek word delphinus, meaning “dolphin”.

From E to R

Here are the most original options of all:

  • Eireen: An Irish variation of Irene, a Greek name meaning “woman of peace”.
  • Firenze: An Italian name for Florence, which in its Latin origin refers to a “flourishing place”.
  • Gadea: A form used in Asturias, Spain for the name Agatha. It means “kind woman”.
  • Izaro: A feminine name of Basque origin (Spain), whose meaning is related to the stars.
  • Jael: Derived from the Hebrew word Yael, meaning “ibex” (a kind of mountain goat).
  • Kaisa: A diminutive in the Finnish language of the Greek name Katherine, meaning “pure and chaste”.
  • Lala: A name of Slavic origin, believed to have been used for the tulip flower – a very easy name for siblings!
  • Malika: Means “queen ruler” in Arabic.
  • Mara: Although it’s a biblical name, its Irish meaning is “sea”.
  • Nala: This word means “pretty” in Hindu. And if you like names inspired by Disney movies, this is an excellent choice. It was chosen to give life to Simba’s loyal companion in The Lion King.
  • Neferet: An Egyptian name that means “beautiful”.
  • Romy: A diminutive of Rosemary, which is the combination of Rose and Mary. Rosemary also refers to an aromatic plant whose name comes from the Latin words ros (dew) and marinus (sea).
  • Rosa: Means ‘pink’ in Spanish.

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance.” -William Shakespeare”

From S to Z

  • Sabra: A feminine name of Hebrew origin. It’s also the name of a cactus, so it’s ideal for those who are strong on the outside, but soft on the inside.
  • Siena or Sienna: A name that refers to the city of Tuscany, a region of Italy.
  • Talulla: This name has two possible meanings. On the one hand, it means “rich princess” in Gaelic. On the other hand, it means “running water” in a Native American language.
  • Venetia: This comes from the Italian region of Veneto, where the beautiful city of Venice is located.
  • Zhen: A Chinese name meaning “innocent and genuine”.

Personal names are a symbolic asset, as close to people and at the same time as complex as identity itself.” -Ximena Medinacelli

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We know you’re looking for rare and beautiful girl names, but be sure to check out our listings organized by letter. The most important thing is to have plenty of material to find that special name you dream of for your daughter.

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