7 Great Television Series For Babies

7 Great Television Series For Babies

Last update: 20 February, 2018

We shouldn’t forget that one of our main jobs as parents is to make our children happy. This means that, in addition to meeting their basic needs, fun and entertainment are also key. With this in mind, here are some of the best television series for babies, all of which are sure to delight your little ones.

A lot of the time, we see technology such as smartphones, computers and television as the enemy. It’s true that technology can be addictive for young people.

However, with a bit of common sense and moderation, we can allow these devices into our children’s lives without letting them take over.

Nowadays, there is an immense variety of series, films, games, applications and other entertainment technology on offer, meeting the demands of specific audiences.

Luckily, babies too have their niche in the world of entertainment, with content that is helping turn television into an ally for parents.

Television series for babies

Although babies have a very short attention span, they are able to maintain focus for a short period of time – no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

A story, an episode of a series, a game or even a short song are all capable of capturing their attention.

Consequently, television series for babies are usually based around the stimuli that are most attractive to their young audience.

They are fun and colorful, with short episodes that are simple and easy for little ones to understand. The sound is clear and the plot uncomplicated. There may be a moral or lesson.

All of this helps children to discover the world around them in a way that is appealing, friendly and fun.

Here we have selected 6 of the best television series for babies, along with one specifically designed channel.

All of them are sure to be a hit with your little one. Let’s find out what they have to offer.


Pocoyo started out life as a Spanish-language show. It has been translated into multiple languages with great success.

This hit series follows a toddler and his animal friends as they discover the world around them, with courage and wit.

Pocoyo showcases values like friendship and self-affirmation, in a world that is simple, colorful and easy for babies to understand.

7 Great Television Series For Babies

Baby Einstein

Specially designed for babies from 3 months of age, Baby Einstein is a series based on music.

It offers little ones an introduction to the classical world, developing a colorful and appealing environment. It features musical instruments, games and more.


A classic television series for babies is Teletubbies. Sometimes the subject of controversy, these four characters developed by the prestigious BBC have been beloved companions for generations of children nonetheless.

Their colorful, child-friendly world teaches little ones the importance of friendship, solidarity and affection.

Peppa Pig

Another British hit, Peppa Pig is a solid favorite among babies and toddlers.

The characters, a family of pigs, help children learn important routines and values, from going to school to respecting the environment.

Thomas and Friends

Another unique series that babies love is Thomas and Friends. With simple animation, stories of adventure and a cast of talking trains, each episode focuses on values such as friendship, generosity and forgiving.

Dora the Explorer

Another series which is fantastic for babies is Dora the Explorer. It features a daring young girl and her pet who are out to discover the world.

Children learn with her as they follow her engaging adventures.

7 Great Television Series For Babies

Baby TV

Our final recommendation is not a television series for babies but a whole channel made just for them. Baby TV was born in Israel over 10 years ago.

It now boasts a huge variety of content, including music, educational shows, activities and games.

Baby TV broadcasts series such as Concertino, Baby Chef or Charlie and the Numbers. These are made up of episodes of 2 to 10 minutes, which have been specially designed to entertain, educate and foster infant development.

We think that these are some of the best television series for babies to watch. But we’re sure that you know about many more. If you do, make sure to share them with us!

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