9 Biblical Names for Baby Boys along with Their Meaning

9 Biblical Names for Baby Boys along with Their Meaning

Last update: 11 May, 2018

Don’t let prejudices regarding Biblical names persuade you when it comes to choosing a name for your child.

While some like to call them old fashioned or out of style, there are plenty of beautiful options to choose from. What’s more, they carry deep and meaningful messages.

Many parents prefer to choose baby names that have something of a background or history to them. If that’s your case, then a Biblical name might be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re not familiar with names from the Bible and their meanings, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Bible mentions a great number of individuals – more than 3 thousand, in fact. Many of these people were known by more than one name.

With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that so many people decide to give their baby a name from the Bible.

As you may expect, each of these names has a deep meaning. At the same time, these meanings have a profound connection to the language and culture of origin.

In today’s article, we’ll offer a list of Biblical names that are still in use today. We’ll also give you information regarding their origin and meaning.

9 Biblical names for boys

1. Elijah

This name is of Hebrew origin, originally transcribed as Eliyyah. It is a very popular name around the world. Its meaning: Instrument of God.

The main characteristics behind this name are perseverance and concentration. People with this name are often admirable, and prefer to have things planned out and under control.

2. Adam

This name refers to the first man on earth, who was soon joined by the first woman, Eve.

The name Adam has deep religious and spiritual roots. It also comes from the Hebrew language, and means “He that is man.” 

This name implies strength and spirituality. It also expresses the magnificence and imperfection of human nature. This is thanks to the temptation that the earth’s two first inhabitants succumbed to.

Adams tend to be emotional, careful, open-minded and very sociable. However, their innocence may work against them.

9 Biblical Names for Baby Boys

3. Zechariah

This is another name of Hebrew origin. It means “the Lord has remembered” or “Memory of the Lord.” 

Zechariah was a priest of the tribe of Judah in the first century AD. The angel Gabriel appeared to him to announce that his wife, Elizabeth, was going to have a baby.

Because Zechariah didn’t believe the news, the Lord made him mute until the birth of his son, John the Baptist.

A person with the name Zechariah is usually clever, practical and realistic. They tend to like to stay at home, and they’re open to understanding the emotional situations of those around them.

4. Tobias

Tobias is a common name today, and means “the goodness of God.” The original version of this Hebrew name is Tobiyyahu.

Those who carry this name often seek independence, although this doesn’t make them any less sociable and communicative.

“Each of these names has a deep meaning. At the same time, these meanings have a profound connection to the language and culture of origin.”

5. Lucas

This is one of the most popular and well-known Biblical names. Its meaning comes from the Latin term  lucius, which means “illuminated” or “light-giving.”

People who go by Lucas are extremely clever and have a constant drive towards self-improvement. They’re energetic and this energy spreads to those around them.

6. Nicholas

Everyone has heard of the name Nicholas, but few know that it appears in the Bible. It has Greek origin and means “He that brings his people to victory .”

Those with the name Nicholas are helpful, selfless, and have a great capacity for technical learning. They’re willing to sacrifice for others – within their family, work environment, and in romantic relationships as well.

7. Uriah

Historically, the name Uriah is a Biblical name that has been used to symbolize illumination. In fact, in Hebrew it refers specifically to the light given off by stars.

People with the name Uriah tend to be secure, and determined to go after opportunities. 

This can make them somewhat demanding and materialistic, but they maintain the subtlety and gentleness that characterizes them.

8. Ishmael

This is a classic name that is still in use around the world today. Ishmael comes from the Hebrew Yismael, which means “the God that listens.”

Ishmaels are intuitive people. They enjoy listening to others and showing them understanding. Furthermore, they’re open, friendly, sociable, hard-working and faithful.

9 Biblical Names for Baby Boys

9. Ezekiel

This may seem like a modern, exotic name. However, the name Ezekiel goes back to Biblical times. Yehezqui-el is the original version, and it means “the strength of God.”

These individuals tend to be wise, mature, and have a great deal of common sense.

These people also tend to be very protective of their loved ones. They usually sacrifice their free time, spending it on their passions and responsibilities rather than just laying back and relaxing. 

As you can see, they have a great sense of humility and they know their limitations.

Looking to the Bible for names for your son will provide you with a plethora of wonderful options. Not only will you be giving your child a fantastic name, but also the rich meaning and history behind that name.

Just because a name is Biblical, doesn’t mean it’s ancient or obsolete. Many names with Biblical origin are still very common today, even though the stories behind them may not be as well known.

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