40 Boy Names that Begin with the Letter N

If you don't know what you're going to name your baby boy, look at this list that we've prepared of boy names that begin with the letter N.
40 Boy Names that Begin with the Letter N

Last update: 21 August, 2022

Knowing that you’re soon going to give birth to a baby boy fills your life with excitement, doesn’t it? Now you can’t stop thinking of different names to give him and, for some reason, none of them end up meeting your expectations. To give you a hand, at You Are Mom, we have a lot of lists of names, and this time, we’ll focus on boy names that begin with the letter N.

You’ll see that many of them are original, others more classic, but that all of them have a precious meaning. If you need a little inspiration before making the decision, take a look at these suggestions. You can find the perfect one for your baby.

Look at these beautiful boy names that begin with the letter N

Do you have everything ready? We know that there are a lot of things that you have to tend to now. From choosing the right crib to preparing everything you’ll need to take to the hospital, from making a birth plan to preparing the room for the arrival of your baby.

It can become quite overwhelming, and that’s why we want to contribute and help you a little with the mental load. That’s why we’ve created this list of names for your little one that begin with the letter N. We’re going to tell you about their origin and their meaning.

Try to check how they look and sound with your last name, say it out loud several times, and imagine the face of your little one. You’ll know when you’ve found the right one.

A mother and father admiring their baby boy.
The choice of name isn’t always easy, but it’s worth all the time invested in it.

Boy names that begin with the letter N in alphabetical order

Nabor: this is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘the light of the prophet’.

Nadir: this is a name of Arabic origin that means ‘extraordinary, unique’.

Nahele: a beautiful name of Hawaiian origin, which represents the ‘forest’.

Nahual: this name is of Nahuatl Aztec origin and has to do with the supernatural. Within Mesoamerican beliefs, he’s a kind of sorcerer who has the ability to take on animal form.

Nahuel: a name of Mapuche origin that refers to the ‘jaguar’.

Nai: this is a unisex name. In some African tribes, it means ‘child’.

Naím: this name is of Arabic origin and it means ‘happy’.

Nala: means ‘stem’ in Sanskrit.

Nalu: means ‘wave’ in Hawaiian.

Nantán: a beautiful name of Apache origin that means ‘spokesman of the people’.

Napoleon: this is a name of Greek origin, it means ‘he who comes from Naples ‘.

Narcissus: this is also a name of Greek origin and is ‘the young man of great beauty’.

Nash: comes from the English atten ash, which refers to the ‘ash’ tree.

Nasir: is of Arabic origin and means ‘protector’.

Nathan: this name comes from the Hebrew natán and means ‘gift from God’.

Naum: of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘comforter’.

Neal: this is a name that comes from the Gaelic Niall, which means ‘champion’.

Nelson: of Irish origin, this name means ‘passionate man’.

Neptune: this is also a name of Greek origin and it refers to the Etruscan god of the sea, Nethuns.

Nero: this is a name of Latin origin and means ‘the one who is strong’.

“When Neptune wants to calm the storms, he doesn’t go to the waves, but to the winds.”

-Antoine Rivarol-

Names for your baby

Neron: this name is also of Latin origin and it means ‘male’.

Nestor: the name of the king of Pylos in Greek mythology. It means ‘he who is remembered’.

Nevin: Irish for ‘nephew’.

Nicholas: also of Greek origin, this name means ‘victor’.

Niel: a diminutive of Nathaniel, which comes from the Hebrew ‘God has given’.

Nigel: a Latin word, its literal meaning is ‘black’.

Nika: a Russian name meaning ‘victory’.

Nino: another name of Latin origin. It means ‘child’.

Nilay: this is an Indian name meaning ‘home’.

Nile: of Egyptian origin, this name refers to the river and to the ‘life that emanates from God’.

Nilton: an Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘mill town’.

Nix: of Greek origin, this name comes from phonix, which is ‘crimson’.

Nizam: a powerful name of Arabic origin, it means ‘the leader’.

Nel: a variant of the Hebrew name Emmanuel. It means ‘God is with us’.

Neo: this is a name of Greek origin and means ‘new’.

Neymar: of Portuguese origin, it refers to the one who ‘has come from the sea’. It’s very popular in recent years, due to the Brazilian soccer player of the same name.

Noah: of Hebrew origin, it means ‘of long life’.

Nolan: this is a name of Welsh origin that means ‘champion’.

Norman: of Germanic origin, this name means ‘northman’.

Nuno: this name is also of Latin origin and it means ‘ninth’.

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Choose a name that makes your heart race just upon hearing it out loud.

Have you found what you expected in these boy names that start with the letter N? If not, remember that we have many more lists, like this one for uncommon names.

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