5 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Baby's Room

If you're setting everything up for your baby's arrival, decorating the baby's room can be a very exciting and fun experience for you. In this article, you'll find some ideas to help you decorate your baby's room.
5 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Baby's Room

Last update: 11 July, 2019

The joy of parenthood implies making decisions. One of those decisions is decorating the baby’s first room. It’ll be a true universe for your little one, where he or she will grow, play, and have fun for the first years of life. In this article, you’ll find a list of great ideas to decorate your baby’s room.

There are many ideas to choose from when it’s time to decorate your baby’s room and they don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Just a little bit of creativity, and a few useful tips, can help you create something original that’ll help your little one to feel at home in his or her first room.

5 Simple Ideas to Decorate your Baby's Room

5 ideas to decorate your baby’s room

1. Children’s wallpaper

Children’s wallpaper is an excellent method to decorate your baby’s room. Wallpaper can substitute paint and can be a very original decoration.

There are many designs and ideas that’ll give that room a very original and personal touch. You can choose patterns and colors depending on what style you’re going for. To keep your wallpaper in the best of shapes, choose one that can be washed and easier to keep clean.

2. Adhesive vinyl

Adhesive vinyl comes in many decorative patterns and designs and can be a quick and fun solution to create an original universe, and are easy to fix in case you make a mistake during the installation. Use their favorite cartoons or characters from a movie they like.

Adhesive vinyl can be glued to the walls, furniture, and the rooms’ doors. You only need to repaint the room in pastel colors and place the vinyl to add a personal touch.

5 Simple Ideas to Decorate your Baby's Room

3. Bookshelves

Bookshelves are another great way to decorate a baby’s room. Basically, this type of furniture is useful for storage space, to store books, decorations, or baby clothes.

In fact, you can find many models of bookshelves and they’re made of many materials. However, a wooden bookshelf is an excellent idea because it gives it a timeless sense that allows a comfortable, modern, or even vintage decoration style. This is up to you.

4. Family portraits

Family portraits can not only decorate your baby’s room but they can also arouse their curiosity. Besides, they can add a touch of family identity that’s great for their development.

There are many original ideas for this and you can customize them with text, words, quotes, or photos that let you immortalize your baby’s early years. Why don’t you try creating a portrait with your baby’s photo and prints of his little hands?

5. Clouds and stars to decorate your baby’s room

Last but not least are simulating clouds and stars. It’s a very simple thing to do where you just need to create stencils of clouds and stars in a piece of paper. Next, crop them out and, once you’ve got all the stencils, it’s time to stick them to the wall.

5 Simple Ideas to Decorate your Baby's Room

In short, have in mind that if you really want to decorate your baby’s room, you only need some creativity, motivation and time. Anyhow, this list can improve the ideas you surely already had to decorate your baby’s room.


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